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As you can see, you probably found this section after clicking on the appropriate button. Just like the Bible, it is not until you find the right thing and dig into it deeper before you discover the riches inside. This website has attempted to follow along the same lines as those of discovery. Click the correct button or link and you find that for which you are looking or discover a study page of wonder. This is a site for those who like clicking, searching, finding, discovering, and enlightening.

This site is a Tool of the House of Denning as well as a dissemination site for teachings, musings, and other 'ings of the House. Also posted here are other things which The House wishes to share with the rest of the world. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy.

Come to the WikiChat to talk with other Messianic Believers or pray (there is often someone present the evenings), check out the teachings in the Lamed Messianic Studies section, or check out the other links for interesting things that have been added to the site found worthy of being added.


"You can win a war, but you cannot win a surrender."
--Andrew Klavan, The Andrew Klavan Show, 2022 The Daily Wire

Current Denning News

Technical Support and The Creator

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Developing Studies

Food Additives and Derivatives

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Messianic Believers Guide to Practical Biblical Living
A Lamed Compilation in which you are welcome to assist.

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New Studies

MLD and The Law to Me

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New Posts

Echad - It's A Spirit Thing
Lonely Worship

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Special Pages

MLD Videos and Pics
(If I was there and it was public, it is fair game)
MLD Audios
(If I was there and it was public, it is fair game)

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Bat Tzion Congregation
(This is the place where Mr. Denning happens to attend and is not a Lamed Ministry or associated with any other ministry even if listed here, so please do not read anything into this existent link.)