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| ADMIN STATUS: Warning - if there is no yellow Shield, user is not Site Admin! |
Only trust users as Site Admin when you see the yellow Shield to the left of the name at the right
The Site Admin is in and out of this area, usually in the evenings (except for Torah Studies on Thirstdays ;) ).
If no one is here, just hang out a while and someone will show up eventually (refresh page occasionally as this scripting has a tendency to time out idle sessions).

Licensing with Logo

This chat project is used with the linkback logo and is therefore totally free and able to be modified under the LGPL Licensing

banlist This command lists the banished users on the given channel /banlist
clear Clears the room's messages (but not the chat file logs) /clear
connect Connects to the chat /connect {nickname}
identify This command will identify the user admin rights /identify {password}
invite Invites other users into a channel /invite {nickname to invite} [ {target channel} ]
join Creates a new channel /join {channelname}
kick Kicks the user from a channel /kick "{nickname}" [ {reason} ]
leave FixMe /leave [ch|pv [[{channel|nickname}] {reason}]]
me Writes a notable message /me {message}
nick Change the nick (rename it) and notify all the joined channels/privmsg /nick {newnickname}
privmsg FixMe /privmsg {nickname}
quit Logouts the user from the chat /quit
redirect Opens the url in the browser /redirect url
send Sends a text to the room /send {text to send}
version Shows the script's version /version
who FixMe /who channel