Aspergers Syndrome

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A.S. - First described by German doctor Hans Asperger in 1944 (one year after Leo Kanner’s first paper on autism).

Basically, there are tell-tale traits associated with this condition which is a mild form of autism. The majority of the traits have to do with lack of or trouble with emotions and empathy and what would be commonly known as cases of obsessive-compulsive disorder or mild eccentricism. Also rather prevalent is inappropriate reciprocal social interaction.

This may seem like a problem at first. You see, I have not been formally diagnosed with A.S. but many of the signs and traits I have exibited all my life. For some time now, people have been trying to convince me that I had a problem or had the syndrome in the context that anything with the syndrome terminology attached to it was somehow problematic. Somehow I don’t see it that way. Let me explain this idea further.

Did you ever know a photographer, data entry, web page designer or developer, or even a computer programmer? Have you ever known anyone good at troubleshooting computer hardware or good in handcrafts like wood carving or leatherwork? What about a car mechanic, carpenter, taxi driver, tax accounting, or clerk filing personnel?

This may surprise you, but I have done all of these save the last two as a job. The filing I do at home for just about everything in some way or another from bills to books, while the accounting gets performed when I do my own taxes on the 1040 long form with a business ownership attached. And everyone of these are listed in the jobs that are good for A.S. candidates. Is it any surprise that I have done all these?

So, the question becomes whether or not having a condition or state of A.S. is a hindrance or a necessity. There are several aspects of the way we with this Asperger’s Syndrome think, act, and do things that would not make us any good at these sort of jobs without those traits. In light of this, I have determined that it is necessary for me to re-evaluate the way I see myself and conclude that there is really nothing wrong with me.

What I supposedly have (if I indeed have it) is now considered by me to be a tool of my existence in the manner in which I must operate my life. It is true that there will be many more socially awkward situations in the future. But as explained before, I have now found a way in which I might succeed in the financial game without having to talk to anyone. One must admit that as long as I have money to spend, no one will care what I have or don’t have.

And if everyone else needs to remind themselves that I have a “syndrome” or a “condition” or see that there “must be something wrong with me and it’s not my fault” in order to accept who I am, then that is their cross to bear, and their blame to cast.

I know that I am a child of HaShem made in the likeness of Them and saved through faith by the blood of Yeshua. I know that I follow the commandments of G-d in His Law because I want to please him. I know that favor is when opportunity meets preparation. I know that I am a Son of G-d by adoption through faith.

And, I also know that in the words of Red Skelton, “I may be crazy - but as long as I’m making money, they ain’t locking ME up!”