Back In The Saddle Again

(Original Entry from HOD-Wordpress - 2007-04-23 12:20:11 am)

Category - Denning Mindset

OK, we have now finished the big move from third floor to third floor and all went well (albeit long and even with help). It took the man of the family three weeks to get everything transported, running about a trip or two a day in a full-bed pickup. This has proven to be both bodily exhausting and mentally stimulating at the same time. In other words, the more I moved, the less I wanted to do physical labor and really wanted to use my head more.

So, in this train of thought, I am endeavoring to start upgrading my business site soon and will begin an expanded move into marketing for web hosting needs that I can fill. If any one knows of someone that needs web hosting and a slather of really cool tools, send them to asap and have them fill out the email form to contact ByteMark. The more of this stuff I can do, the less physical labor I have to do.

And this is what the move has taught me.