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5 	Grievances 	Anything from "Things I hate in this world." to "What kind of idiots do they think they are?" goes here. Please be nice in your grievances and annoyances. Believe it or not, even here we can find a way to build up. This is just a nice category to have in order to keep some sense of sanity on the site. 	1 	0 	Edit	Delete
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3 	News and information in the newest, hottest, and awesomely effective investment growth process out there today. Find out how to help build ByteLoans and make a way towards the creation of the House of Denning Foundation. 	12 	0 	Edit	Delete
4 	Religion 	Topics of Judeo-Christian interest with a stress on how Christianity as we know it is not how it was and that it needs Jewish milk (not necessarily Judaism) to explain it and not the other way around. Most topics here will be of interests in study and growth. This is not the place to create differences or build divisions. If you have any grievances, please air that under the appropriate category. 	4 	0 	Edit	Delete
8 	 Christian 	This is the place for some really good topics of interest and study. Expect a lot of action here. Contribute to the section and check it often. 	4 	0 	Edit	Delete
7 	 Jewish 	Things Jewish that are topics of interest here for Judeo-Christian growth. This is not a place to bash them, so be nice. Remember that your Saviour was a Jew. 	10 	0 	Edit	Delete
28 	 Lamed Messianic Studies 	Specialized Judeo-Christian Messianic Believers studies that are goyim visioned but Hebraically based. 	15 	0 	Edit	Delete
6 	 Religiousness 	Things concerning misconceptions and misunderstandings can start here. Some of these may end up as teachings under the Religion Category. List them, let's talk about them, and check the site often for updates to your questions or responses to your topics concerning religionless religiousness. 	2 	0 	Edit	Delete
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