Hotline Gone Dead

(Original Entry from HOD-Wordpress - 2006-11-15 12:09:53 pm)

Category - Society

OK, so I was supposed to be an extra as part of the series Friday Night Lights based on the movie of the same name. There was a hotline to call the night before the next day’s shoot in order to get the details needed for that day. It was also encouraged that participants and extras call the hotline early the next morning for any changes at the last minute.

Well, the shoot for today was canceled and the hotline still had information for the previous day. Even when I called, I though (being this was the first time I had been a part of this system) that the previous day’s date was listed as information being given on this day for the next day’s shoot. How was I to know that the day of the shoot’s date was to be given for the day it was intended? We now have a failure to communicate in two ways. First, the format of conveyed information was not verified. And second, the information was not updated in the first place.

So, I go on the location listed and no one is there. I called and found out all the previous information. Needless to say, I was a little frustrated. I told them quite plainly that a hotline could not be called a hotline unless it was “hot” and was the first thing updated with changes. Not that anyone would take the “change of location” and “failure of the phone company to log changes in voice messages” as a valid excuse, or that “participants were being called” and I was not called for changes. But, these were all part of the statements of reason given for the failure of communication to me.

Reasons or not, once again I was lied to (on a societal basis) concerning information I depended on in order to fullfill a task. My beef with society at this point is that people tend to overstate the face of the obvious and understate the ability to fill the meat of obvious. I have been told that the nature of man is evil, but there is a little good in everyone. What I am finding instead is that everyone is basically good, with good tendencies, but also coupled with that is the need to be seen as more than they really are to everyone else. As you guessed, this leads to exaggeration. The exaggeration in this instance is that the hotline was supposed to be “hot” with the correct information needed. It was not, I was lied to, and once again society is its own worst enemy.