ML Denning Of Austin To Move

(Original Entry from HOD-Wordpress - 2006-12-10 5:49:10 pm)

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Well, the time has finally come for the House of M. L. Denning - Austin to move their place of residence. We were in our current place only for a temporary time and we knew it. But we only went in for a year or two. Now, after 9-10 years later, we are finally ready to make the transition to a larger place.

It will be sad to see the old place go as this is where the misses was living when we met, so there is a ton of sentimental value that will be left here. On the other hand, the task of life is to grow, and so grow we must.

There will be some major financial restructuring going on in the next 3-5 months which will be in our favor. In the mean time, be watching here (as usual) for updates to our progress.