Marvin Hospital

Log Abstract

  • Prefight
    • Hospital: Hendricks in Abilene, 325-670-7651, Room 6108
    • Schedule: 20111227 to two months
    • Reason: Esophageal Cancer: Stage 4 - Req. Feeding tube, Radiation, Chemo, etc.
    • Status: Back Home from Hospital on 20120215.
  • Fight for Life
    • Hospital: Hendricks in Abilene, 325-670-7651, Room 6108
    • Schedule: 20120319 to indefinite
    • Reason: Esophageal Cancer: Stage 4 - Req. Feeding tube, Radiation, Chemo, etc.
    • Status: This may be the final round.

This is the log of the trials and story of Marvin in his epic battle against Stage 4 Esophageal Cancer and the efforts in physical proportions and spiritual dimensions to beat the odds in the favor of dark forces. As an example of any one of us in this life who could face the impossible, this is the saga of how one man will attempt to defy the odds and trust in his Maker and the tools and intelligence endowed to the people charged with his care to do the seemingly impossible - beat almost certain death.

Log 20111220

As I sit contemplating Chanukkah and the Conception of the Messiah who had come as a light to the world and later to be born during the Feast of Tabernacles to come and tabernacle with His people, I just found out tonight that my dad has stage 4 esophageal cancer which needs to be treated with chemo and radiation for possible reductions which may be able to allow for removal of the infections with surgery. Dad has known that he has had trouble swallowing for a while now, but never checked on anything that may be the cause for it.

This has been going on for months. As things developed, we have found out that he has a complete blockage to the stomach. Dad has not been able to really eat anything for several days. He will eat or drink something and it has nowhere to go and has to just sit on top of the infection till he throws it back up again. As usual, there are life circumstances which may have attribited to the current factors with which we are now dealing, but needless to say, life from here is an adventure.

Log 20111221

We have now found out that there are further complications which are affecting his stomach also making it necessary for a feeding tube. Further testing needs to be done to see if there are other places into which the cancer has spread. If there are more infection sites found, surgery may be off and we are looking at a very hard road ahead.

Log 20111224

I am making arrangements this weekend to leave for Sweetwater, Tx 40 Mi west of Abilene so that I can tend to my father who now is barely able to handle water and some clear fruit juices. Nutrition has been almost null for the past two weeks.

A hospital stay in Abilene begins Tues. and may last for two months. I have made arrangements to have a descent Internet connection installed so that I can still work remotely and tend to them. And I just got my nice new furniture in; what a sacrifice to know such comfort and have to say bye to it for a while.

We are just hoping that dad hangs on as long as possible (though we do know and are hoping for at least September 2012 which is when the two year wait for life insurance eligibility begins and that would really help mom). As soon as possible, we want to start aggressive chemo and radiation to slow down growth as much as possible. We already are aware that it is more than likely inoperable, but it still may be possible to reduce it and control it and the pain with medication so that at least living is bearable. All prayers are that it is cured of course, but at this point it may be too soon to tell if even the therapies will help.

Log 20111227

We are now in the hospital and mostly tonight will be meet and greet for the days ahead. We will be working with the doctors to put in a feeding tube and a port for blood work and tests that need to be done for Chemo. My father is at this point Mr. Faith. In few before have I seen such resolve and confidence in the Creator of the Universe. He has been through so much up to this point and this new round of "troubles" is just another stepping stone of faith to him. We are expecting that the Chemo and radiation treatments will reduce the tumor in his esophagus to be reduced enough he can eat again and gain even more strength.

I will say that at this point, considering what he has already gone through, I have to say that I honestly expect no less than remission. Our G-d is a great G-d and there is so much He can do if we invite him in to do so. There is so much that people do not see in the little things that happen that I am convinced is totally a G-d thing. The little things that people do and say and think about just to make a person's life better. In the Word it says that every good thing is from G-d. At this point, I am convinced that all these little things are just mounting up to be another great big miracle and I am sure everyone around will be amazed.

Log 20111228

Last night I missed the first night of sleep in two years after being on the CPAP machine myself. I was with dad in the hospital keeping vigil and company as well as tending to any needs that arose. I thought I was going to get some sleep, but after all the rush to get up to the hospital I found I had forgotten my mask and therefore could not even use the machine I brought effectively. So I visited with dad, had time to pray when he could lay down, read some, and often was just quiet. Dad is to the point of just crunching on ice and spitting it out with all the mouth gunk to keep from gagging and smelling so bad. Occasionally, he can bring up some of the top layer of the infection with the lemon water he makes and he says it tastes absolutely terrible.

Dad was such a trooper today. He had X-Rays and a port put in around the front right clavicle for drawing blood and administering shots. There were consults for what needed to be done to address the complete blockage of his stomach by the tumor at the bottom of his esophagus by radiation, and tomorrow there should be some more discussion of feeding tube installation and chemo. Right now, the fluids are being pushed just to re-hydrate him as he had terrible blood pressure and on-setting kidney failure at one point. Fight by fight he will be coming back strong and in the midst of all this seems so calm and happy just to be living, even with all the suffering of which there is a lot.

I was able to come home and mom is staying with dad the rest of the day and the night. I left my air mattress, sheets, and blanket there so she could use them and I have returned home to meet the cable installers for the Internet service so that I have more contact and the ability to start working remotely at some point from here so that I can stay as long as is needed and still work. Sleep is fleeting, and I dare not eat much because I cannot eat too early before I lay down as I have a very active stomach myself and have to be careful of acid.

The cable installers came and it took them all of 30 minutes to string a line from the back alley poll to the house, mount it on the house, punch the hole from the outside and install the wall jack and then the modem. I now have good cable Internet and can keep up with things the way I need to. I will sleep much better tonight knowing that I have some more control over the life I know and have to maintain. I just wish they would have placed the inside connection a little closer to the door so dad could open a file cabinet fully. The tech put it in before I knew he had done it. Oh well, we will just have to get a t-connector and route it where we need it.

Log 20111230

Fluids by I.V. are making a big change in blood pressure and kidney function. The are better, but not fixed yet. We both were able to sleep some last night and I can now start looking at making arrangements to work remotely from here once I get a schedule set up with mom about how we need to keep up with dad. We are scheduled at some time between now and Tuesday for a feeding tube and radiation treatments for the top of the stomach to hit the tumor and reduce it enough that dad can eat again.

This afternoon I was able to work from 12:00-14:00 and actually got stuck on a call and went over 30 minutes. This was a shift that was impromptu and on-the-fly. I probably could have worked longer, but it was in the hospital cafeteria and I felt like over two hours for lunch and a quick shift was long enough to be away from dad without checking on him. It was time to start coming down for Sabbath anyway and I usually do not work past 15:00 if I can help it. The really cool part is, I did it. So now I know that whether I am at home or at the hospital I can work if I can allot the time.

Dad has been getting a sore throat from the radiation treatment that they did on his stomach and esophagus area. I am hoping there is a solution or something that will help him numb his throat so that he does not gag so much. All in all, it has been a quiet day. I have had a shower and been able to suds my under clothing as well to last for day three without stinking too bad. I would go home, but I just do not want to leave him quite that long alone and be so far away.

Dad has been teaching me about the heart. I have a head full of Christianeze and Torah with Messiah. I am indeed seeing another level that I have had and have been working, but had never bothered to label or recognize for what it is. It is possible for people to seem familiar to me and I never had known them before, but I recognize the heart of compassion and it is familiar to me and I identify with it. There is nothing else that will really open a soul to this level of understanding like forsaking your own life for a time to commit to taking care of another. Indeed, Torah and Messiah, and everything else meld into one big understanding that if people want to see the way a Christlike person should be, then it is fine to follow the rules but just take care of someone. Loving someone beyond what you ever wanted for yourself is indeed the highest calling. We can do a lot if we try. Just think, if everyone just took care of one other person, the whole world would be cared for in a matter of short time.

But I really do miss my massage chair a lot; and my wife and Allie cat (name pun intended).

Log 20111231

As Shabbat began last evening at sundown, I was able to take some quiet time to usher in the Sabbath bride and pray for dad. This weekend will be a very long one as everyone is shut down through Monday for New Years. I am still amazed at the stamina of my dad. By all normal means, he should not even be standing, but he still takes showers and everything else himself. His faith and endurance is truly a special kind that keeps this man going.

This is the third night and into the third day in which I have been with dad. We are just hanging out this weekend. Today is the day of rest, and tomorrow I expect to try and work some hours due to the extra pay offered. It should help the income and for the remainder of the week we are still needing to work out a schedule so that I can still fill some hours.

Mom was able to get things together and come up again this morning. I was actually surprised to see her that early as she was not feeling well and needed sleep. Dad needs sleep the worst. He has not been able to put in more than an hour in the last week. This is yet another reason I do not see how he is still even standing. At this point, he is fighting his own body for the battle of his life and it seems to be on almost every front. I so want this to be a miracle experience for him, but the fight is on for now.

Mom and I were headed to the cafeteria and I asked her if she wanted physical food or spiritual food; spiritual was the reply. We went to the chapel to pray and praise Elohim and thank Him for His goodness and also to ask mercy for the suffering that will soon ensue. It was a nice time to get to pray with mom as we have not had a lot of time to be together in that capacity.

This evening dad went for a walk with mom and was out approximately 40 minutes wondering the halls. I know the room is driving him bonkers and it is so nice to see him out. I do see that he seems stronger with fluids from the I.V. and reduced pain. But I still want that feeding tube put in him three days ago. We are still waiting for Tuesday for the feeding tube to happen.

Addendum 2
After I got home tonight, mom called later and stated that dad had a big regurgitation session and emptied about 16 ounces of material from his throat. He is drained of strength for a time, but maybe it will help him rest and feel a little better.

Log 20120101

I found out early this morning that he slept at least a couple of hours, which is another two more hours on top of the only one that he had for the whole of last week. Mom said she wanted to stay another night with dad, but I also know that he has his feeding tube still scheduled for Tuesday. I do not know at this point if Mom wants me to stay tonight and then let her stay Monday night so she can be with dad on Tuesday or if she just wants to come up early Tuesday morning. I will be checking with her to see what she would like to plan.

Mom saw the logic in the change and took me up on the offer. So, tonight I will stay at the hospital with dad and mom will go home to do laundry and other things and then stay the next night so that she can be with dad whenever they decide to do the surgery for the feeding tube.

Tonight he is resting slightly humped over pillows at the side to keep setting up enough that he does not gag on any liquids in his throat, water or otherwise. He still needs solid sleep and a passageway for liquids to go out the bottom and seeing him suffer like this is just heartbreaking and exhausting for everyone. I really hope he is able to get some sleep tonight. He is not swallowing water or chewing ice so much tonight so it is possible that he may get to lay down some.

Log 20120102

Dad was able to get some sleep this morning. We are not sure how much because I was asleep too so that I would be focused enough to work some today, but it seemed like it may have been three or four hours. Most of the day he has been active and lucid, up and doing things at the sink, wondering around the bed, and watching TV. We opened the window for a while to get some fresh cool air into the room and it was very nice and refreshing. I was able to put in about two hours of work today. I came back later to see about more, but the work demand had diminished and there was no reason for me to pull any more hours.

Mom will stay the night with dad and see about the feeding tube tomorrow and I will get some rest tonight to put in a full day of work. It has been a week now since he was in the hospital and is finally going to get fed. Who would have known it would take so long. This will be about three weeks now that he has not been able to really eat anything substantial, and two weeks with nothing going through. I want to say that is just ridiculous and borderline torture, but since I am not a doctor what could I know. All I know is that dad is hungry, sleep deprived, and in pain most of the time.

Log 20120103

Dad went into surgery at noon today for his feeding tube. Of course, he was glad to finally be getting to the point of obtaining nourishment, but that will not happen till two days later as the wounds around the tube need to heal enough for use.

Mom has been staying overnight with him and I have been home working remotely. Dad has been resting most of this time as far as I know, but I will be able to talk with mom later for updates.

Log 20120104

Dad was able to get two units (maybe one, not certain since I was not there) of blood and a unit or two of plasma with what dad called "some of those goodies in it." Mom finally wiped out for a big nap today after hitting the wall of tired. Tomorrow they should finally try and use the tube for feeding. Dad is still up and going as best as he can but coughing stuff up is hard. Stomach blockage is total and the stuff coming up is solid pine green and wreaks of odor. Dad was smart to get it out with ice and water with lemon as I am sure with all that he would be even sicker. Then wanted to cut that and he said no and would not see of it. I know they have their procedure, but he knows his body pretty well and that is one smart man.

Log 20120105

Dad was given a glucose mixture today of about 3% to see if he could sustain the processing and any future sustenance from the feeding tube. The doctors are starting to ween him off of the pain medication slightly at this point as he seems to be at a lull in the storm. There are six weeks of radiation treatments but he has been told that after about three weeks he can come home some for a visit and just to be out of the hospital. We are hoping for the best.

Log 20120106

Dad is getting nourishment regularly now with the feeding tube. So far, he has been able to handle up to about two quarts of liquids including the water and the Ensure or similar solution. The nurses now can also give water soluble medications via the tube. Dad will be given the second radiation treatment Monday as far as we know, and then it will be once a day for five days going on up to 6 weeks of the same. Chemo will be started soon also, though the timing has not been made known.

I travel back to Conroe today. I have stopped off by the hospital to say bye to dad and get me something in the cafeteria before leaving out. The way I went before has been about a 8-9 hour drive through the little towns with their slow speeds and twists and turns. The way by Dallas seems longer, but I am going that way this time because it is all highway and will be mostly 70mph. Maybe it will be a little shorter time than the country side. I do not like traveling past sundown into the Sabbath as it is the time to rest and leave the world behind, but I really want my own bed and it will take a couple of days to recuperate from the trip.

Mom had a queen size air bed that was really too big for the room at the hospital. I am leaving my full size air mattress with the pump for her because it fits better and has been serving really well. One of the nurses even commented that she never remembered anyone bringing an air mattress before. But I figure why should we pay rental for a cot when we have means that existed before and should last after this event? And besides, we stick together whenever and wherever - so we are also prepared when possible and that means keeping a bed-pack with air bed with pump and charger, sheets, pillow, and cases. It is just like camping in Scouts except more comfortable. (We learn a lot in our older years, right?).

Log 20120107

Well, no updates as of yet. I would assume that dad had a restful weekend and that the next radiation treatment is Monday. I have not been able to check on things because something seems to be going on in the cell phone network we are on and I cannot make or receive calls. As soon as things seem to be working again, we will be checking and updating things.

Log 20120116

These last few days, dad has had several rounds of radiation now and they started the chemo last week. Five more weeks to go, but already he is starting to realize a difference. With the intake of water to a well with a bottom, dad was spitting up all kinds of nasty. There is not expected to be any opening till another two weeks into the stomach, but there is not any of the rotten stuff coming back up with the water either. This is a good sign as this indicates that the infection has begun to subside and the body is about the business of healing the damage from the radiation. Dad is very sore and has a dry mouth a lot. Things will be getting pretty tough from here on out, but at least he is getting fed now, and the intermittent sleep has helped immensely. He is not able to get a full night yet, as there is too much going on around him at the hospital and the pain is too great right now, but every so often there is that fleeting moment of rest that helps.

Mom has had the opportunity to go home and rest some. While we fall into a regular schedule of events with the treatments, she can be with him some days and then go home for laundry and rest. To some extent this is good, as dad is concerned with her while she is up at the hospital with him. We know it is lonely for him there with only the TV, but soon he may start to draw and sketch some. He has the tools with him for that purpose, but attention to other things has obviously been the focus up till now. With the installation of the Internet at home, he has much to anticipate after we also get some decent systems in the place with which to access it so that he can see art and painting videos and things of that nature. I know he is really looking forward to that a lot.

Log 20120120

Steady as we go. Each day of radiation makes dad a little weaker, but at least now he is getting some nourishment with the feeding tube. At this point though, there is honestly no exciting news or update. We are just staying the coarse and getting through treatments. I will be trying to go back up at the end of this week to see about things with which I can assist. I have not talked with mom in the last few days, but I am sure there will be some things for us to prepare if we are still planning on dad coming home in three weeks, even though he has six weeks of treatments. I am still not sure how that will work out with traveling, but we will see.

Log 20120127

Travel this weekend to Sweetwater has been postponed. After talking with mom, things are run of the mill schedule-wise and there is no reason to spend for the extra gas right now. We have learned that dad should be able to come home on his birthday which is in mid-February. This will also be his last day of radiation. Of course, I will need to be going home that week to assist with things and will be working from there as well. So things that week should be interesting.

I was able to talk with dad this evening. He is sounding good and upbeat. He can swallow a little water now and it does not come back on him. He is using the suction wand less and less to keep things cleared out of his mouth. The feeding tube is still in use as the opening at the top of the stomach is not big, but it seems there is a crack that is letting water through. This means so much for hydration and for the spirit. Little by little we see the hand of G-d moving in this life and it is absolutely amazing.

Log 20120204

Dad is still on track for coming home on the 15th. That will be his last day of radiation treatments which are really making things hurt now. The port they put in has been extremely helpful in administering medicines and taking blood samples. The radiation being done though is also front side now and dad said it makes his chest hurt a lot. There is still an opening at the top of the stomach that seems to be getting a little bigger. No solid food can be tolerated yet as it is still too narrow and sore, so the feeding tube will still be used at home for a while. But we are hopeful that solid food will be soon coming now that the area has seemingly started to diminish in size from the growth.

Log 20120215

Last round of radiation treatments were today and Dad came home. Tonight he is sleeping in his own bed and without the CPAP mask due to a weight loss of 65 pounds in two months. Because of the severity of the weight loss in such a short time, he is still very weak, but at least he can sleep in his own bed and without extra encumbrances. The feeding tube is still in place, but there is great reduction in the size of the blockage at the top of his stomach so much that it has naturally created enough of an opening that he can take water and clear liquids now even though the tube will still be used for a time. This will help immensely with hydration.

There were also several lesions on his liver which have been healed and are no longer present. Kidneys started working last month with IV saline support and have improved over the last month. In another week or so, full rounds of Chemo will be started to continue treatments. Dad was almost bald as it is, so there will be little change in that department, just more severe. These treatments should be able to be done locally in town so travel will be reduced also which is really good, because the old car is barely working correctly due to transmission issues.

If there is a hell, this man has been through a modicum of it in this life. But as we continue to pray and lend support and a good word, the report is one miracle of strength and wholeness after another. It is nice to know that I have some of this man in me just as much as the L-rd abides as well. I pray that I do not go through anything like this, but if I ever do the enemy better watch out!

Log 20120307

So Dad has been home for a while and full chemo treatments have ensued. Feedings now are taking at least an hour a piece and 5 times per day. He had been still loosing some weight a little, but now has seemed to level off. It is a good thing now that it is taking this long to keep him at a constant weight so that his body can get used to how little it really needs to sustain. It will be healthier for him in the long run.

Nothing really major to report right now. Things are just being taken one day at a time. To all who have been in prayer for us and with us, we thank you for your continued blessings and prayers. Praise HaShem for all the things in which He has blessed us.

Log 20120319

Dad has taken a turn for the worse. I am now at 23 hours being just after 5am on the 20th and mom and brother have left for something to eat. Dad is on drugs that leave him with lazy eyelids and what seems to be sleeping, but he is just in a daze. Hospice move should be in about two to three hours from now. I do not know how long it will be, but at this point even when he is lucid there is incoherence.

We are trying to work out how we will rotate and keep up with things. Of course, mom wants to be here all the time but it simply cannot be done with any length of time and still maintain strength. There is little place to put a mattress and the room is very small. I am hoping later that when we do the move of rooms there will be enough that we can put in a mattress and rest some while we are with him.

Log 20120320

This will be the final log of Marvin Leonard Denning. Dad passed away today around 17:30 after what turns out has been a three year fight culminating in Stage 4 Esophageal Cancer. After all this time, Dad is just too week to keep up with things and knows that his family is gathered together and strong for him to carry on.

At the arrival of Marcus (myself), there was great joy of raised hands even though he could hardly speak at all due to the drugs sedating him. Everyone of importance was together and he could be at peace, even if he was still at war with his body, He was always wanting to head for the door and not be where he was at. Several times he was attempting to pull out lines and gown and get free of this struggle. The final hour was spent in quiet slumber with cracked eyes, so I know he was listening even if he could not respond. Psalms were shared of praise and hope, and the last thing that he was able to hear as far as is known was a passage from a Messianic Siddur about Yeshuah HaMashiach and the 23rd Psalm. At last he was then at peace and free from the pain that has for so long tortured him.

Services were held at McCoy Funeral Home in Sweetwater, Texas at 14:00 (2PM) on Friday, March 23, 2012. This was so very fitting as the last thing we think he heard were 2 passages of which one was the 23rd Psalm.

March 21, 2012

Marvin - Funeral Picture

Marvin Leonard Denning, 68, passed away Tuesday, March 20, 2012, at Hendrick Medical Center in Abilene, Texas.

Funeral services will be at 2 p.m. on Friday, March 23, 2012, at McCoy Chapel of Memories with Marcilla Cecile Denning (his daughter-in-law) officiating with Masonic Memorial Rites performed by the Sweetwater Masonic Lodge #571. Marvin had requested to be cremated under the direction of McCoy Funeral Home.

Marvin was born on Feb. 15, 1944, in Fort Worth, Texas and was adopted at birth by Sam Homer Denning and Frances Luella (Palmer) Denning and both parents preceded him in death. He was a resident of Nolan County, Texas since 1952, graduating from Newman High School in Sweetwater, Texas. He went to the U.S. Navy to become an Electronics Technician, then worked for AT&T as a Communications Craftsman in Sweetwater, where he went to many electronic schools, including digital logic and mainframe computers (before PC’s).

The marriage to Sharon Kay (Bixler) Denning on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, 1969, was the best thing ever happening in Marvin’s life, which brought great happiness and many wonders. Marvin was a member of Sweetwater Lodge #571 AF&AM, and was a Knights Templar of Sweetwater Commandery No. 89, where he served as Eminent Commander in 1977 and as Worthy Patron of Order of Eastern Star, Mamie D. Crane No. 1018, in 1997-1998 year, with his wife Sharon as Worthy Matron. He also served in Sweetwater Chapter No.236, R.A.M., and Council No.172, R.&S.M., both of Sweetwater, Texas. Marvin was a Technical Representative on electrical systems for Sun Information Service Company, Electronic and Telecommunication Systems Division.

Marvin was a committee member of Boy Scouts of America, Troop 142, Sweetwater, Texas, in 1988. He served as Deacon at the First Christian Church of Sweetwater, Texas, and teaching the Adults Bible Class. Survivors include his wife, Sharon Kay Denning of Sweetwater and two sons, Marcus Lee Denning and wife Marcilla (Brast) Denning (both of Austin but presently in Conroe, Texas) and Michael Brian Denning of Sweetwater.

Honorary pallbearers will be members of the Sweetwater Masonic Lodge #571 AF&AM.

Online condolences may be expressed at

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The Last Thing Dad Heard


Blessed are You, O L-rd, Who has given us the way of salvation in Messiah Y'shua.
He walked among us filled with Your Ruach, the only One Who ever fulfilled Your Torah.
He healed the sick and raised the dead. The multitudes of our people sought His touch.
He taught as no man taught. With authority, He brought forth the treasures of the Torah.
How the children sought Him, the lepers He touched and made clean!
How the despised and outcast found love and release from their sin!
How the hypocrites feared Him Who's words uncovered their sin!
Despised and rejected, acquainted with grief, He bore the sins of Israel.
All we like sheep have gone astray, turned every one to his own way.
Our iniquities were laid upon the King, the sins of the world, His burden to bear.
He rose from the dead and opened the way to life everlasting, PRAISE His name!
We are in Him, His Spirit empowers; new life is ours with JOY and PEACE!
Blessed are You, O L-rd, our G-d, Who has given us Messiah Y'shua our King.
From Siddur for Messianic Jews by Dr. John Fischer, Menorah Ministries

As we reflect how we who are Believers in the utmost sacrifice for the penalty
of the payment of sins we commit, let us remember that this payment comes with
the price of giving everything to Him and living in Him and for Him by the actions
of our lives as we are in the knowledge that we are saved by grace but we all must
work out our own salvation through how we walk in Torah. As we are called to be the
wild vines grafted into the true vine of Yisrael as a part of the Tribe of Judah, or
are of Jewish descent ourselves, we must remember that the root is
Yahwah Y'Shua H'Mashiakh
Yahweh Yeshua HaMashiach
Yahwah it is He Who Saves and has anointed and appointed This Salvation for a specific task or purpose

May you all be blessed in the saving grace of
Adonainu v'Malkeinu L'Yahwah B'Shem Y'shua H'Mashiach
Our L-rd and Our King [Who is] [of] Yahweh [in/of] The Name [of] Salvation The Messiah (The Anointed and Appointed of Yahweh).

The First Thing Read after his passing: Psalm 23

These things I wanted to have said or thought about in the service for dad, alas it did not fully occur. But, for some this may be nice to think over so I am posting it here for that purpose.

We could be called home anytime as stated by the morning prayer of:

Blessing for Restoring a man's soul:
O my G-d, the soul that Thou placed within me is pure.
Thou created it, Thou fashioned it, Thou breathed it into me, Thou preserves it within me;
And Thou wilt one day take it from me, and henceforth restore it to me.
As long as my soul is within me, I give thanks to Thee, L-rd, my G-d, and G-d of my fathers, Master of all creation, L-rd of all souls.
Blessed art Thou, L-rd, Who restores the soul to [those who sleep] like the dead.

Say the sages, "Just as G-d is pure, so the man's soul pure" (Berakot 10a)

Marvin blessed G-d every day and knew that whatever may happen that G-d had His plans and they were not Marvin's plans, and that was OK with Him. He knew two things for certain - 1. There was only One True G-d and, 2. Marvin was not Him. The man's faith was almost boundless. I have seen things occur in Marvin's life through events and provisions, that no man can explain. Marvin, through everything, was a walking pillar of Faith.

Have faith in HaShem:
Isaiah 46:8-10
“Remember this, and show yourselves men; bring it again to mind, you transgressors. Remember the former things of old: for I am G-d, and there is none else; I am G-d, and there is none like me; declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things that are not yet done; saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure;...."

We serve a great G-d with the power to do anything he wills. When we pray, we say "Amein" meaning G-d is able to complete that which He began. It is within the power of Barukh HaShem (or Blessed The Name) to complete us into perfection in Him by affording us the power of choice in our lives to choose Him and His way and then come unto Him with nothing but ourselves for His pleasure. For He created us for Himself, and He is a jealous G-d. Yet, just for a time, He has blessed us with time in the midst of each other before calling us home to Himself. For this, we are to be truly thankful and should glorify our G-d every day.

Know he has not labored in vain:
I Cor. 15:45-58
So also is it written: "Adam, the first man, became a living soul;" the second Adam (became) a resurrecting spirit. And the spiritual was not first; but the animal, and then the spiritual. The first man was of dust from the earth; the second man was Master YHWH from heaven. As he was of the dust, so also those who are of the dust; and as was he who was from heaven, so also are the heavenly. And as we have worn the likeness of him from the dust, so will we wear the likeness of him from heaven. But this I say, my Brothers that flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of Heaven: neither does corruption inherit incorruptible. Behold I tell you a mystery; we will not all sleep, but we will be changed. Suddenly as in the twinkling of an eye, at the last shofar, when it will sound; and the dead will arise, without corruption; and we will be changed. For this which is corruptible, is to put on incorruptible, and that which dies, immortality; then will take place the Word that is written, "Death is absorbed in victory." Where is thy sting, O death? And where is thy victory, O Sheol? Now the sting of death is sin, and the strength of sin is Torah [which defines sin and makes those in sin sting with defeat who have not eternal life]. But thanks be to Elohim that gives us the victory through our Master Y'shua HaMachiyach. Wherefore, my Brothers and my beloved, be steadfast, and not weak willed; but be at all times generous in the work of Master YHWH; seeing you know that your labor is not in vain in Master YHWH.

In the works of Marvin was the awesome power of love. Marvin loved in everything he did. He cared even about the little things, and displayed respect for even the frailest of souls. He had a warriors presence and an angel's touch. This is a man of resounding presence that will be truly missed.

He is walking in new life:
Rom. 6:1-4
What will we then say? Will we continue to sin that grace may abound? Far be it: for if we are persons that have died to sin, how can we again live in it? Or do you not know that we who are immersed into Y'shua HaMashiyach are immersed into his death? For we are burried with Him in immersion to death; that as Y'shua HaMashiyach arose from the dead into the glory of His Father, so also we, to walk in a new life.

This new live really started with the outpouring of love Marvin had for his wife, and was brought into mortal fruition by the lives of two sons. Just as during life, we are immersed to show we are ready to have Mashikhah live within us, it is only by the burying in death of the mortal that we can see Him in the spirit by the spirit face to face as a man. To this we afford much joy as this is the faith of everyone who is called to believe according to his purpose. And now, because of this, the duty has been changed for us, to allow this soul to go home to see him face to face.

Stories to tell:
Mom and dad loved to have fun together. Sharon came in with a can of wacky String one day and sprayed dad in fun because he got too serious when he was sick. Then dad got hold of the can and sprayed mom with string later. Both laughing and having a ball with life and living.

The thing he did the best though was to love his wife and his boys. He never had a daughter, and Marcilla the wife of Marcus was the shining prize on a pedestal of his children. Mike Alderson, a good friend of the family was a man who could identify with his tech side almost like no one else could. In the contacts of friends who came along side the family, he had much joy, peace, and love.

Mustang wrecking and the showing of the love of a father.
One day, Marcus had taken Marvin's Ford Mustang out for a drive at the lake. There were events that contributed to the car being wrecked. Marcus and a friend came out with just one scratch on the friend, but the car was totaled. Marcus had to call dad with some of the worst news he could have. The car that Dad bought off the showroom floor with extras, was to be functional no more. Upon the call, the first question out of Marvin's mouth was "Are you OK?" Marcus replied in tears, "But dad, the car...." Dad replied, "Do not worry about the car, it did its job. It taught my boy how to work on cars and it protected his life. The car can be replaced, my boy cannot." There was never any doubt as to the greatness of the love Marvin had for his son and where that love was placed, ever again.

He was able to absorb information in books and texts in short times and be versed enough in it to teach the subject at hand. The ability to take information in and process it and then make it work for him was such a pronounced skill.

Fishing at the lakes and the quiet times by the fire - giving a boy time to think and reason things out, talking with dad, and growing. Learning how to bait a hook and work the rod, fishing with shiners at the Colorado City lake.

Let me leave you now with the most promising of hopes we have in our Redeemer.

1 Thess. 4:13-18
And I wish you to know, my Brothers, that you should not mourn over them who have fallen asleep, like other people who have no hope. For if we believe that Y'shua died and rose again, even so them who sleep, will Elohim, by Y'shua, bring with Him. And this we say to you by the word of our Master (Y'Shua), that we who may survive and be alive at the coming of our Master (Y'shua), will not precede them who have slept. Because our Master (Y'shua) will Himself descend from heaven with the mandate and with the voice of the chief Messenger and with the Qarna (or the occurrence of a nature of spirit) of Elohim ; and the dead who are in the Mashiyach will first arise; and then we who survive and are alive will be caught up together with them to the clouds to meet our Master (Y'shua) in the air; and so will we be ever with our Master. And so, comfort you one another with these words.

As Believers, we are the grafted vines into the true vine of Yisrael and the tribe of Judah, and by this we remember the L-rd our G-d.

Shema (sing)

Aaronic Blessing

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