Murphy Dog

Murphy "M-Dog" Denning

Dateline: 20120629

So we finally got a new dog. Twenty years we have been cat people and now we have a dog. It was a surprise to get it on the day before my wife's 45th birthday, because we were expecting to go and see it the next day but ended up taking it home the day before. There were no supplies and no warning. BANG! Here is dog; as my wife comes in from work and lays it beside me on the couch while the laptop computer is in my lap and I am reclining and not ready to receive anything....

The cat, queen of the roost, is now dethroned, traumatized, and has gone into hiding.

New Life with Murphy

Murphy "M-Dog" Denning has now hit the scene and he is flea-bitten and adorably cute (and there are no puns there). We now have gotten food and a little bed for him, though he will probably be a people-bed dog. This little guy can run really fast. We are not used to moving as fast as this little one has energy to go; so full of energy. Honestly, getting a dog is probably the best thing that I can have right now, because I really do not have many activities outside the house. As the needs have to be filled, maybe I will have some more exercise which will eventually assist me in the weight loss I want by the end of the year. Marcilla is looking forward to having another little baby in the house to love also.

Honestly, since Murphy is male, he has already bonded more with my wife than with me. I understand this happens with animals regularly with the opposite sexes, but it would still be nice if he listened just a little bit to me - not a chance. Murphy is a momma's boy. The first night the dog was here we had a little accident out of all the excitement, but I am to understand that he is house trained. It will be nice to get out and walk a little but I will not be relishing the rain. It is yet to be seen if the cat and dog competition for space and terrain is coming, but at this point when Allie sees Murphy she is so out of there.

So, there we have it - puppy love. New dog, new life as a dog owner, and way more activity than we have been used to for a while.

Murphy was a little dirty when we got him. After a clipping and a bath, we are looking much spiffier.

(01) Got FOOD?!?

(02) Hey! Whatcha looking at?

(03) I Didn't Do It - Honest!

(04) Just Hanging with Mom

(05) End of a Big Day

(06) Where Is The Dog?

(07) Allie On Sentry Watch for the Dog

(08) Dog Spotted - Just Freeze Buster!

(09) The Cat is Quelled

(10) Recharging for Round Three