So, not that any of this was of any consequence, but I have had so many questions about whether or not a Christian should eat pork or not if they follow the Word. Actually, I think the question is not whether or not they should even according to the Word, but even just for the sake of health we have been given a good way to follow that we usually do not heed for the good of our own selves.

So for the sake of explanatory information, let me give you the medical and scientific reasons why pork should not be a part of the natural human diet, much less the Christian diet.

First, we need to define a couple of things. There are some substances that are produced by pork flesh that may not be to the good of human consumption with which we may start.

The next logical question would be what the things are for which this substance is used.

This particular substance is produced by the flesh of pork and can be confirmed by the Department of Agriculture.

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So, what kind of damage can be done by this substance? Let us let the International Labor Organization answer that question.

What kind of usage does this product have? We have several derivatives of this compound that have several uses. Unfortunately, many or most of these are detrimental as a health aspect or are used in ways that we would surely not consume.

[This article is still a work in progress.]

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