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So it is official
A new job has been offered to Marcilla Denning at Walmart.
The official title is HR Market Manager.

The position will be in the Spring, Texas area just outside of Houston covering eight different super-center stores

This puts the pay over twice what it was before and we could not be more thrilled. We will be taking things on over the next couple of months into transition mode. Expected full move should be in two to three months which takes us into the June-July range.

Of course, we will have to break lease where we are currently located, which Marcus is Not thrilled about at all. But, we do what we have to in order to make things work together the best they can; and, that is all we can do. Funny thing is, Marcus has said for years that he could not be paid enough to live in Houston, but I guess you can. As always, everyone has their price but one usually just never knows how low that price can go.

So, with reluctance and excitement we will be moving to the Houston area to embark on the new position. This means that Marcus will end up going remote with his position and working from home. This is something that he has wanted to do for a while now anyway. Everything will be new and fresh and scary and exciting and wonderful.

Wish the Denning's of Austin, soon to be the Denning's of Houston, all the best blessings in these endeavors, I am sure we will need it.

And, if anyone knows of a good price or choice on apartments, Here Is What We Would Like To Have.


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