Prosper Better Than Planned

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So far, real life is working out better than I planned on paper. As you may well assume, I am talking about I have just bid on my 12th loan today and all the others are current in payments. The average rate of return is currently at 19.77% with less than $490 invested and a current account balance of $520 in only 5 months time. And every month it is growing as I roll over the payments into successive loans.

Many to whom I talked about this concept did not sound convinced that I knew what I was talking about or getting into. So I wanted to provide you this link, from yet another third party site, because I know it would be of interest. Much of what was being asked about is in this article. There are many more articles and information you can find on the website under Home–>About Us–>Media Room. I am also assuming that those reading this have not looked at the prosper site help pages here, so the third party review should be of even more interest if that is the case.

Click on this link for article:
Site Hooks Up Lenders and Borrowers at – By The San Francisco Chronicle

I hope you find this interesting and I do wish that more people wanted to interact with me about it. These guys ( are changing the face of people to people financing in a major way. And it is all legitimate.

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