Prosper Second Sub Goal Met

(Original Entry from HOD-Wordpress - 2007-06-15 10:32:40 pm)

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Well, as I stated earlier, we have now achieved the second sub-goal. The first was an account value and loaned principal of a simultaneous value of greater than $1,000.00. The second was to start buying one of the two bi-weekly loans with rollover funds instead of invested transferred funds. Well, that happened today.

We have also, as you may have read before, started on an upwards trend. When I started crunching the numbers as is habit to do, I realized that the upwards trend I was seeing actually started at the second month of payments and continues while a schedule of acquisitions is maintained. The greater the speed of the acquisitions, the greater the exponential value of the upwards curve trend.

Well, anyway, as we continue on this journey, I fully expect that by the end of October, we will start transferring $0 in investments and will be well on the way to building our future in the fullness that was intended. This Channukah Season is going to be a much different one than ever before. We will be able to announce soon that we have investments being build that will be already carrying themselves and well on the way to providing us a financial freedom like we have never had before.