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I will preface this entry with the fact that this is indeed an explanation that looks more like a rant. The real intent of this post is as an outcry to those who think that the only proper work is busting your butt and fainting exhaustedly in the sun. Since this Prosper process was entered into and personally based as an endeavor on Biblical principals, I have done a Biblical study of “work,” and these same nay-sayers who have no respect for the mental abilities being used instead of the muscle need to get a broader definition of what work is. Let it be noted, that this will also become the future “referral explanation” which I will give to people later. This post will also definitely be noted as not the last time I expect to have to defend or explain what I have to do to make sure things work like they need to in order to produce the desired outcome.

The words we will be looking at to start with are in the Hebrew and the Greek.

  • ma-aseh’ [Strong’s H4639]
  1. Deed, thing done, act
  2. Work, labour
  3. Business, persuit
  4. Undertaking, enterprise
  5. Achievement
  6. Deeds, works (of deliverance and judgment)
  7. Work, thing made
  8. Work, Of G-D
  9. Product
    • The references here are Exodus 18:20, 23:12.
  • mela-`kah [Strong’s H4399]
  1. Occupation, work, business
  2. Property
  3. Work (something done or made)
  4. Workmanship
  5. Service, use
  6. Public business (1) political; (2) religious
    • The references here are Exodus 20:9-10, Numbers 28:25-26.
  • ergazomai [Strong’s G2038]
  1. To work, labour, do work
  2. To trade, to make gains by trading, “do business”
  3. To do, work out [(a)exercise, perform, commit; (b) to cause to exist, produce]
  4. To work for, earn by working, to acquire.
    • The references here are I Thessalonians 4:11 and II Thessalonians 3:10-12, of which all three instances are taken from the following primitive root word.
  • ergon [Strong’s G2041]
  1. Business, employment, that which any one is occupied [that which one undertakes to do, enterprise, undertaking]
  2. Any product whatever, any thing accomplished by hand, art, industry, or mind
  3. An act, deed, thing done: the idea of working is emphasized in opposition to that which is less than work.
    • The references here are Colossians 1:10 and Hebrews 13:21.

I would go on with even more references, but you get the idea. Now that we have the Biblical references needed as to what work is, let the charge begin. Prosper is work. When Prosper was announced, for two months ByteMark as dsbmloans, which eventually became ByteLoans, embarked on research (mental and physical work) to find out about them, research (mental and physical work) to get any dirt on them, and figure out what kind of potential (number-crunching work) was in it. There was much weighing of in-comes and out-goes, risks, drains on local funds, growth potential, short term and long term potentials, and number-crunching, mind-busting Excel spreadsheets in all their computational glory out the wazoo. (I do not know about your viewpoint, but I personally see tons of both mental and physical work in something that resembles a job here.) Let me just add here that in this process I also confused and impressed two business banking managers, two branch managers, and a CPA (not to mention that proverbial partridge in every pear tree).

Upon entry into the independent investing arena as a Loan Acquisitions Investor, one does not use a lot of brawn, (not discounting countless hours [really, countless] of straining eyes and hands at the computer screen) but there is a ton of brain (or mind) which can also affect the overall physical strength. If the right decisions are made, they produce a return which is the product of those decisions. The investing itself is an act, a deed, and a thing done. It is a business that definitely can occupy the total attention of a person as a constant undertaking. It is a trade, and gains are produced. Problems are worked out and funds with time are committed. When a piece of a loan is acquired, ByteLoans does help to cause the loan to exist. And, when withdrawals out of the fund begin, we will be able to tithe on them (which every self-perceived and righteous Christian will tell you cannot be done without income from a job at which one does work). Oh, and did I mention the partridge? Now, would you tell me again in good conscience that I am not working?

Right now, Prosper has been “being worked” by ByteLoans for a year, and it is growing. There is probably about another 6 months of growth before it can feasibly start being even thought about as an income source to take out of the investment loop, though if we can keep the funds there as a buffer, they can make things grow faster. Aside from that, the growth scheme is beyond positive and the business as a whole has already beat at least two and now possibly three expectations that were mapped on paper which is where a bulk of the “work” is done.

All this is really to say that I do have a job and its existence and future progress depends on my mental work. Let me set the right mindset into play and let those nay-sayers know that just because they may not see something material “now” does not mean it is not there and soon coming in abundance. And, just because there was a choice to use the mind instead of the muscle does not mean it is not work. Please do not get mad at me later for working smarter and not harder. If you also start to see the abundance of blessing and favor bestowed on our lives for being obedient to the Word of G-D, maybe that will help you evaluate your own position in life as well. If you feel the only real work is brawn, that’s fine. But, we were endowed with a brain too, and I chose to use that instead. May your lives be as enriched and as blessed in as far as is your relationship with our L-RD and Savior and your obedience to his commandments, especially in the areas of self-righteousness (pride), false-tales and old wives tales (fables), and accusations (judgments).