Rethinking Future Postings

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So to date (20110415), we now both have jobs, are insured, bills are paid, and we are within 6 years of becoming debt free in accordance with Proverbs 22:7 which is of course our highest goal. It is always nice when things work out to the good. but, as we have all been able to learn from the biblical way, G-D works all things out for good to those that love Him; so we have seen to date.

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Re-Thinking future postings

Well, as many of you out there have seen, I have been off the blogs for a while. This has been mostly due to new work as a DSL phone support technician and getting in a position to get insurance reinstated for medical and the like. To date, I am on but my wife is not and this could be a problem as she is still looking for work in her field of HR and Payroll Admin. since Jan of 2007. At this point, I just want to touch base with the world and let you all know that I have been watching the metrics. To date, I have had as many people hit this site in the last 5 months as in all of the last year. The big blog items have been searches on vinegar and digestion, the article on Joel Osteen (wow - imagine that), and the article on Shabbat Va-ethannan which is about how we use the L-rd’s name in vain and what that really means. I do not know if these articles are being read or if the persons are really blessed by them as no one ever leaves any comments, but I know the pages are being hit. So, in light of this, there are some new materials that I am going over that I have thought about publishing. I just wanted to let you all know out there that I have not forgotten about you, that I love you all, and my driving push to let you know more about things HaShem has revealed to me is still present and alive. I hope to be writing some more soon, so be looking out for the new series, G-d’s Laws and the Brit Chadesha Believer. Shalom.