Saving The Truck Of Eggs

Saving the Truck of Eggs - A MINISTRY DREAM 2004-10-11 09:00

The following story is about a dream Marcus Lee Denning had and what that dream meant to him on the stated date and time. This story is real and the dream was really had by Marcus. For your understanding and the correct inflections the dream needs to have in order to come alive, the author will be reading the story to you himself. May HaShem richly bless your life.

And now, here is the story of “Saving the Truck of Eggs” as read by Marcus Lee Denning.

I had a dream that I was traveling south towards Interstate Highway 183 in Austin, Texas, south down North Lamar about 2 miles on the north side of 183. At that point, the dream starts with me in the back of a Semi-truck, an 18-Wheeler, with a couple of palate-loads of eggs. There is a double-door in the back driver's side corner of the trailer that has swung open. I go outside the truck by way of the back doors to see what is going on from the outside and why it is that these doors will not close. I also have a chance to get my bearings for the location of the truck. When I go back inside the trailer, others in the traffic around the truck see me go back inside and they cannot believe what they are seeing.

When I get inside again, I see that the latches are not matching up on the double-doors, and they cannot come together to close the doors. There is a hook on the left door near the bottom corner and a hook ring on the right. I pull the doors together and try to latch the two, but the doors are open just enough that the left door still catches wind and rips them apart and open again. The truck is traveling very fast.

At this point, I can see outside of the top of the truck. I am not driving. I do not know who is driving, where they are going, or why they cannot get over into the left lane. In the right lane, there is a dead end that ends up in a river that goes north and south past 183. I assume that the left lane goes into the river, but for some reason I want to get the truck over there because I think that will save it from going into the river. (In real life, there is no north and south “river” around Lamar and 183 in Austin.)

There are several bumps and hills in the roadway that shake the truck and everything is rattled. Then I can see that there is one last big bump that ends in an elongated and irregularly trapezoidal shaped corner that sides the river. The truck hits it, flies sideward, and then lands flat on its bottom side on the river. I remembered what happened to another full bus of people at this place. All the people fled, frantically swimming away as they climbed out of windows and doors of the bus as it sank into the river. A tow truck was needed to get the bus out of the water, and another tow truck was needed for the first tow truck that broke down trying to get the bus out of the water. I was not going to let that happen to this tractor-trailer.

I am still looking from out of the top of the truck by some manor of apparitional opening about one third of a way back on the trailer. Somehow, I managed to reach around both sides of the truck simultaneously to start paddling the truck in the water like a boat. I stroke the water on both sides of the truck in huge and long sweeping motions. It was a fast sinking boat now, because the rear side doors were still open. It was all I could do to paddle on both sides as fast as I could with single long strokes to get that thing moving down the water as fast as I could. It was about a 3 quarter mile to 183 where the truck would have a bank to get up on. The sides of the river were high and full of trees.

When I came to the bank on the left side of the river, there were people looking on in amazement at the event taking place. I asked the 6 or 7 people standing there at the partition of concrete separating them from the water's edge if they could quit looking and instead start helping me push this truck out of the water. They started helping and we got the truck about half way out.

They walked on ahead up the path the truck was coming up on from the water, and I started to call Emergency Services for a tow truck to get this monstrous waterlogged vehicle to its destination or to a repair shop. All of a sudden I heard this loud rumbling noise. I looked up from the phone call, and this supposedly waterlogged truck was coming to life. The driver, whom I still did not know the identity, started the truck and drove off down a road that was off the southwest edge of the path just after the highway and then round the corner street and away.

I could not remember what the name on the side of the truck was or anything. I was still so stunned that it started at all. I thought there was something else I needed from this truck in the form of payment or thanks or at least the assurance that it was going to be alright. I told the man on the phone I guess it indeed did not need a tow truck as it is going away on its own. This is where the dream ends.

This is what I think the dream means.

I am starting this short journey in the back of the vehicle which is Zion MJC and many cannot believe what they are seeing from the outside as I go inside. These outsiders consist of parents, patrons of Shoreline Christian Center, Men's Groups, and others.

There are doors open on the side that I cannot close. The Jewish right door is able to close with the wind with more ease than the Gentile left door which has a hook to catch anything it can from the Jewish side. The eggs inside are sensitive souls that are along for the ride. The wind is the Holy Spirit ripping open a way for others to come into the vehicle.

I believe the driver of the truck is HaShem with possibly Rabbi as the co-driver. I am able to see the outside of the organization as a third, because of what little objectivity I retain for other tasks at hand. The traffic not allowing the truck over into the left lane could be angels sent to keep the truck off of a path with certain destruction ahead. If the truck drives into the water, there is no chance for the truck to float long enough to reach a safe footing, but if it drops into the river on the bottom of the truck, there is enough buoyancy to keep it afloat long enough to make the other side.

The bumps along the way are building problems, facility moves, and things like that which try to distract the truck from its journey. The one last bump is the final bump that lands it into North Austin Christian Church (NACC). This river of a facility has already overflowed into another congregation which is separating and making its own river. Now, as one intact body, Zion is making its way down the river of NACC until it can move on from out of the other side.

For some reason, I have been chosen to save some of the focus of the congregation by carrying some of the responsibilities myself. At one point, I am carrying all of the sound and video responsibilities by myself and it really does feel like I am carrying the whole congregation even though the driver is still in the cab of the truck. What I don't understand is why the driver never leaves the tractor.

That aside, I paddle and paddle in the river of NACC as best I can, keeping up with sound and video, rooms left unclean, doors left open, and general building security for a time. I feel as immersed in the truck of Zion as I do in the river of NACC and end up touching, and getting involved with, both ministries.

The sides of the river were high with trees making it feel as there was no way out. Then there is a way provided out and visitors to Zion help pull it out of the river and start taking on things in the congregation that help it get on it's way to wherever it's going. I started to call out to get help for the truck when I thought it could not get started again, and without warning the truck was able to get up and going under its own power.

To my surprise, and my dismay (and disappointment), the truck no longer needed my help. It was time to let the truck go on its way without me helping in the lead of it. This dream is unique, because I prayed for HaShem to show me a way to go. I rarely remember dreams, and this dream I remembered in vivid colors and details. So in answer to my prayer, it is my belief that the L-rd has sent to me an understanding of what is going on that I can understand in the example of this dream.

Looking back now at what happened then, as you read and left the story line, I was left at the river of NACC by its banks. As it turned out many years ago before I left that congregation, I served faithfully with them another two and a half years as their audio-visual leader. I have no other dreams for times after that period, but even to this day 7 years later, I still remember that dream in color. Problem is, I rarely dream still, and even rarer in color.

Many had their misgivings of the actions of Rabbi David. There was an almost arrogant pride in the way he did things and talked about things that happened around him especially when it seemed the L-rd had a hand in it working through him. Now, speaking of Rabbi and his excitement, as to whether it was true joy in the work being done and by Whom it was being done, or a personal pride for being the one chose to do something I will probably never know. There are many who could tell stories I am sure about things they did not find right with him as could anyone with anyone. But, you have to admire what he did and does and the gifts of informational processing he has been given to consume and convey information in meaningful ways. Even though I do not always agree with him, I wish him all the best.