TS And Creator

I think I know now why Elohim has to wait so long for man in His timing. He is in Heavenly tech support. Let me explain. Remember Windows XP Operating system and Outlook Express email client? I do, and in the last year it was my mission to make sure that everyone who still wanted to use it knew that there was coming a time in just months that even Microsoft would not be supporting it as it was coming to the End of Life for the software package.

Repeatedly I had this one customer that wanted to set up the client to use just so he could click on a link and have a local email client come up to send an email message. I explained to him how he could use webmail and right-click an online email link so he could left-click the shortcut information and then paste it into the To box of a compose message page in webmail and just take out the mailto html tags around it. This would also allow him not to be tied to just one system and be able to access his email from any system that had Internet connectivity as well, instead of being tied to one system with one email client running on it.

I tried to inform him of the dangers of continued use of a software package - and especially an Operating System - in which even the manufacturer of the software would not keep updating or supporting and thereby leaving it open to greater increasing threats of security and invasion by hackers. The customer would not see of it. The whole focus was "click a link and send email from my computer" and that was all he wanted to see.

Reluctantly, I relented and gave him what he wanted. Who was I to instruct him how he should handle his own system and email functionality? Obviously, there must have been something he wanted that I was able to provide even if it meant trouble down the line and he was bound and determined to have it or else.

Interesting to me how this little scenario reminded me of the grace and forgiveness of Elohim. Way back in the earlier days, The Creator of the Universe had a better way to go and a benificial way of doing things to get the best result. But man would not have it and wanted his own way instead of the Way of The Creator. Reluctantly, Elohim relented and because He had created man with his own will He had to give man what he wanted instead of what was created for him in his own best interest; even knowing there would be trouble down the line and there would be a big mess to clean up later.

I wonder sometimes if anyone ever thinks about what it is like to really be a tech and sometimes how like The Most High we can surmise. Indeed, this is a thankless job most of the time, and when things are going right, no one looks at you. But the instant things go wrong, everyone is mad at you or having to call on you but they want you to fix things anyway and just make them work right even if they could not make it work right themselves. And most of the time, technical support is the last place they want to talk to or be because when they are it means something went wrong, just like praying is usually the last thing someone resorts to because by the time they reach that point in their mind it means something has gone wrong and they could not fix it themselves.

Maybe if we spent a little more time listening to Technical Support (and The Creator where appropriate, which is pretty much everywhere), there would be a lot less downtime and a lot more productivity in this world.

Things that make you go.....hmmmmmmmm..........