TS Psych

In the Technical World, there are indeed two types of people:

  • Those who steal wireless access, and
  • Those who tell you they steal wireless access.

This is a blog page concerning the psychology of tech. Basically, as it is based on the technician point of view, it is an overview of the kinds of questions one gets from a tech and what it really is for which they are looking.

  • Tech is informed of an issue and then the customer hands the phone over to another person to work with the issue, and then the Tech asks new person how he can help.
    • Here is what the tech is wanting to know: How Long is This Call Really Going to Take?
      1. Why did the call not start with the person needing to deal with the issue, and are we going to waste more time on a possible review of the same issue with a new person?
      2. Does the new person have the presence of mind enough to ask in return, "Was not that already covered?" or is the new person just as clueless to repeat the issue already explained once?
      3. If the new person explains again the same issue and there is no new content, are they still competent enough to even work with the issue they think they are explaining?
      4. Will the customer listen just as hard throughout the call and be just as clueless to the end?