The Accuser Watcheth

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The Accuser Watcheth

Today, I was watching The View because guest Kristin Chenoweth was going to be interviewed. I have seen some of her Broadway style performances before and really enjoyed the part she played as an actress on The West Wing television series. During the interview, there was a question posed by Joy Behar about whether Ms. Chenoweth was a “Born Again Christian” and this exact verbiage was used explicitly. Immediately afterwards, there was an issue raised on whether there were conflicts of actions based on a photo done in the nude and if a photo of that nature would have been done by someone who believes a certain way and therefore is thought to maintain certain boundaries.

This one photo was blurred in pertinent places to allow it to be displayed in a magazine without being x-rated. But, the one question about faith and action, in fact the only question of the like, was asked by only Ms. Behar.

Now, I am not saying anything negative about anyone, but I have noticed that the actions and speech which would depend on some sense of moral borders, have not exactly been exemplified by Ms. Behar to be Biblical in nature. It is simply fascinating to me that one of the most flagrantly critical persons of anything morally based or Biblical in nature would address this kind of topic on national television; and, to the intended detriment of the criticized party.

The only reason which I can think of that this type forum would have been used to display this kind of shame is that the enemy is looking for the most broad forum possible to tear down anything that sides with the One True G-D. Knowing this, it actually is not shocking at all that this question would have been raised, that it was the only one raised, and that only the one person of questionable morals herself would have raised it. In essence, all the adversary wants to do is seed doubt anywhere he can and he knows that it only takes a little in the right spots. And the adversary also knows whom he can work through and who is weak in perfected faith and love to provide a conduit through which those seeds can be sewn.

Whether or not we accept that doubt into our own lives is up to us. As a fallen creature trying to gain Kingdom access again by salvation, it does not take much to shake our foundation of beliefs if we are not grounded in the word of the Creator. We are human, and we make mistakes of ignorance and stupidity with quite regular frequency. It is most important to our lives that we always read that word and know what the will of G-D is by His love letter to us. Never rely fully on what someone says or how they interpret the Bible to say. Go and always read it for yourself and know that with prayer and petition to the L-RD that His Spirit will guide you into all you need to know and have revealed to you in your full time of understanding according to your needs.

Be strong, pray daily, and read the word as often as you can. You know what mistakes you make. Know also what your love letter says. Study it always to know its depths of wisdom. Know how your mistakes can be corrected or washed away and atoned. Know from what things, according to the Word, you need to repent. Because, the Adversary is always watching to seed his doubt. And, doubt breads fear. But, perfect love casts out fear. And you can get an understanding of perfect love from a perfect love letter.