The Real Presidential Message Concerning Iraq

(Original Entry from HOD-Wordpress - 2006-12-16 12:47:52 am)

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In explaining to the American people what the “mission in Iraq” is really about, I do not believe that the overriding message in its simplicity is being conveyed in a truly understandable manner. If I understand it in its true purpose and meaning, let me help simplify the message.

Explaining the Mission:

  1. The Mission, as I understand it, is to keep the extremists in Iraq off of American soil.
  2. The Mission substandard is to provide an existance of freedom and liberty to the Iraqi people as a whole.
  3. The fulfullment of the mission, in totality, is to create a local system of containment which is a local government and militia.

Explaining the Mission Reason:

Our confrontation in Iraq is not a question of whether we stay or whether we leave. It is a question of twhat we are protecting. Being that adults are basically grown up chilidren, viewed in this light we are basically protecting Americans and Iraqis against bullies.

The first question to ask is: “What do the Muslim extremists want?”

They do not want land (at least not at first).

They do not want recognition (except from the living non-Muslims they have not killed yet).

They do want Americans and Israelies to be dead.

This means they will not stop at borders to pursue Americans when troops leave. We have already experienced this. Borders mean nothing. If borders mean nothing, and they will go where Americans (and Israelies) are at, then we have to be there. Until a local government can reign them in, we need to confront them there so that we do not have to confront them here on American soil.

It’s as simple as that.