Too Close To Home

(Original Entry from HOD-Wordpress - 2007-04-23 8:58:16 pm)

Category - Politics

OK, I know that some people will not agree with this, but once again I reiterate my stance in voting for Bush in this critical time in the world. Once again we have had a massacre in Virginia and two or three bomb scares in Austin, TX. Because of all this activity too close to home, we are all emotional and full of feelings for these tragedies from crazy people. How dare they harm our babies and brothers and sisters!

And what about the crazy people? What about their origins? What about their allegiences? What about their beliefs? What is it that makes them want to do crazy stuff like this - like some suicide bomber person? What was that? Suicide bomber you say? YES, I said it.

I said it once and I will say it again. Our boys chose to sign up and fight. Our soldiers are with our government in keeping violence over seas and trying to make things peaceful. But borders mean nothing to those who have chosen a target - and that target is Israel and anyone who supports them. That is you and me, dudes and dudettes.

If our people are not over there trying to keep the peace, then those radical people will be ever more over here among our own people and students who have not signed up for this task. And what does that mean? It means that either we fight the good fight over there, or it will be too close to home and always will be.

Are you feeling any more indignant about our President yet? Or will the masses ever finally understand the spiritual war in which we are really involved? Personally, I seriously doubt it.