Echad Its A Spirit Thing

This article originally posted on 20130112 just before midnight.

OK, so I was just listening to a cut of the Sh'ma today and I noticed something. What makes this observation particularly interesting is that today we were announcing a new Biblical direction for the congregation and this was the last congregational blessing before the big afternoon talk. So, there is your basic background to this article of insight.

Here below is a Screen Print of what I saw. This is an audio recording of the Shema (or Sh'ma) as is sung in our assembly. In the graphic, the word Echad which is Hebrew for one is being said here. The word has two syllables and therefore two parts. In the first part there are 5 major peaks and in the second there are 6. Notice the time at the bottom; there are approximately three seconds in the sung word.

This is where it gets fun, because I see things of this nature while hovering around at the Remez to Drash level almost without thinking about it now. We know that the number 5 is Hay meaning "Breath or Spirit" and that 6 is Waw meaning "Cane (as a shepherd hook) or nail" and they are both in the word Echad which means one. Also, the 3 seconds eludes to Gimmel or "Camel" which is the idea of being a load bearer. So, within this idea of three functions or understandings of HaShem working between Heaven and Earth are the understanding that G-d is the Load-bearer in the One Nailed by the Spirit and they are all bound as one in the Will of Elohim.

There are also two channels, left and right. Yes, I know this is a stretch, but just hear me out. 5 peaks left plus 5 peaks right is 10 which is Yod meaning of G-d or Thrust or Hand denoting the power of the hand of G-d reaching out into the world. 10 is 1+0=1 which is Aleph being Master or Ox denoting headship. 6 peaks left plus 6 peaks right for the second syllable is 12 which is Kaph meaning of Palm of Hand denoting giving, dexterity, or workman, and Bet Meaning of Blessing or House denoting empowerment, abode or protected covering. 12 is 1+2=3 which is Gimmel meaning camel as covered before.

  • Now take that and add them together two ways:
    • 5+5+6+6 = 22 = 2+2 = 4
    • 5+5 = 10 and 6+6 = 12
      • 10+12 = 1+0+1+2 = 4
    • 4 is Dalet meaning door denoting an open way.
  • also two other calculations of 4 that I realized:
    • Echad is Aleph (1) Chet (8) Dalet (4)
      • 1 slices 8 into 4 and 4 and ends in 4 (just an idea).
      • 1+8+4 = 13 = 1+4 = 4
    • The time of 14.8 minutes the screen shot was taken which is where the sound of the word begins was not planned. In fact, as a freaky coincidence, I did not realize this one until - yea, you guessed it - four hours later.
      • Of course, we have the expected 1+4+8 = 13 = 1+3 = 4 just like Echad.
      • 14 = 1+4 = 5 which is Hay meaning Breath or Spirit.
      • 8 which is Chet means Life or (the protection from) Sin.
      • Indeed, it is by belief in the Spirit that brings Life through the protection from Sin.

So in this one word of two syllables on two channels we have G-d working through a teacher to open the door of understanding of the Messiah nailed by the leading of the Spirit to carry the load and bear the burden in His own Palms working in the world for us all to be Echad with them together in the Heavenly Breath of Life and Spiritual presence of HaShem.

Our Moreh Daniel sings this with natural vibrato in his voice which creates these peaks of sound. You will find it hard to convince me that Elohim is not in this thing we do and does not work through this man, because the evidence speaks otherwise.