L-rd And Lord

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L-RD and lord

There is a connotation attached to the term lord of ownership. If one is a lord of a land, he is also the owner of that land. In the natural progression, one was a lord who was once before a baron or laird, which was someone with loyalty to the kingship of the land or whom was a land owner or governor of those lands. Even still, there was an ownership attached to the position. A lord could not be a king while a king could be master of many lords. A king however, was inherently a lord of all the land he surveyed as part of his kingdom because he was also the owner of those lands.

So here we see that you can be a lord without being a king, but you cannot be a king without being a lord. When speaking of The Most High L-RD we are talking about the Maker and Redeemer of the whole Earth. He is therefore the owner of the whole earth. He is called the King of the Universe, and therefore has the ownership of the whole universe as the L-RD of that universe He also created.

In the Biblical text, there is a teaching that in the latter times the followers of the King are to also rule and reign with Him. He is called the King of Kings and L-RD of Lords. So, who are the other Kings and Lords? It seems to me that one of the main intents of The Most High is to train His creation in the things of government and of ownership or Lordship.

Just take a look at Genesis and the first tasks given to Adam in the Garden of Eden. They were tasks of a governor and steward-lord. We are told that the things that we forgive here on Earth will be forgiven in Heaven and the things we do not forgive will not be forgiven in Heaven. We are told how to govern the use of our funds and belongings to serve others and be fruitful with them. We are instructed on the ways to love and be devoted to others and remain faithful to HaShem at the same time.

In other words, we are taught how to govern our resources and time which we are given to ownership in order to best serve in the plans of the ultimate L-RD. We are being trained to act and think like Him with all that we have. The plan starts to be seen that we are in boot camp to learn how to be a Lord and a King with what we have been given to us.