QUESTION OF THE DAY When is the last time you doned your Talit, got on your knees, and really Prayed to HaShem in worship and tears in the quietness of His Presence?

Welcome to Lamed Messianic Studies

This is the group page off of which all other Lamed-oriented pages stem.

The idea of these special studies is to capture and understand those things that G-d chose. Because He first loved us, we can learn to love Him by also loving the things He loved. This means loving the things He chose.

Lamed is one of the Hebrew letters and has a meaning in Kabbalistic Hebrew Word studies of study/teach. Here, we study and teach the things of Messianic focus and how it relates to the Bible and to us. This is not just a study of interesting things, but also there is a focus to make those things applicable to the life of a person so that they may become blessed in the things of the L-rd.

There are some basics of Studies and Reverence that we will go into, as well as those things of which may not have crossed your mind before. If you have a leaning to this type of forum and wish to assist in creating the studies, I invite you to contact me so that we may discuss those options.

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