Parashat Chukat Extended Study 1

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Parashat Chukat - Extended Study 1

Covered in Prayer and Righteousness

The Scarlet referenced in Leviticus 14:4 and Numbers 19:6 is a red dye from a grub worm and is called tolah’ath [Strong’s H8438], and the worm is described as a voracious maggot.

This term is from yaw-lah’ [Strong’s H3216], and means to blurt or utter inconsiderality, also devour. It is also a primary root word.

The term side reference is to shaw-nee’ (shaniy) [Strong’s H8144], which is from an uncertain origin (go figure!), and means crimson or scarlet as in colour.

Today, the Jewish prayer shawl is called a talis (pl., tallit). Talis or Tallit is not terminology used in present day Biblical translations. But, it is present day terminology.

Tallit sounds a lot like it was derived out of tolah’ath. I am not suggesting by any means that the two terms are related. But, think about the ideas of the Bible in relation to:

  • The Blood
  • Sin
  • Origin of Blood covering and red colour term being unknown or unexplainable
  • The voraciousness of the Blood covering to “eat up” or “consume” sin
  • A person being covered in prayer as with the talis so as to be covered in the Blood of Righteousness as the unexplainable red colour (blood source) devours sin and is “inconsiderate” to the presence of sin - making one righteous regardless of presence of sin which ends up being “consumed” or “washed away”.