Parashat Chukat Extended Study 3

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Parashat Chukat - Extended Study 3

The Red Heifer and references to First-Fruits

Numbers 19:6

  1. Cedar - Valued as building material. Used in the building of royal structures.
    1. Reference: Numbers 15-20-21
    2. Inference: Everything one builds and everything in the buildings are done or built unto the L-RD.
  2. Hyssop - Used to sprinkle and brush sacrificial blood.
    1. Reference: Numbers 18:112-13, Psalms 51:7
    2. Inference: It is HaShem Whom makes clean and purges sin out and makes those things used to purge sin out.
  3. Scarlet - The red Colour of the sacrificial blood.
    1. Reference: Proverbs 3:9-10
    2. Inference: Red is the first thing acknowledged by the five corporeal senses and is the beginning to all righteous and clean increase and blessings in mercy.

Now, these are meanings that for whatever reason were meanings obtained out of personal study. I do not claim to be a theologian. I am only a Talmudi, learning the secrets of the grace of G-D just like you. So if you get something else out of these references, please register, and share your comments as I would also like to know.

B’Shalom (In Peace)