Lamed Messianic Studies

[1] The Use of The Name of G-d and L-rd

It will be noticed in these paper that the final references to HaShem (The Name) will be incomplete with dashes instead of fully spelled out. This is a protection for the reader as well as a sign of respect for the focus.

Examples are:

  • G-D
  • G-D's
  • L-RD
  • L-rd's
  • etc

It should never be assumed that the most holy of names will be honored or revered as much in unworthy hands or trashed if fallen into the wrong hands should that day happen. So as to protect the naming references so high, they are never spelled out completely so as to not be fully present in substance while retaining full presence in idea and thought and therefore retaining the capacity to avoid becoming marred.

If this capacity is lost and the name is created in print, therefore, it forces the holder to sin should something happen to the paper in that to mar the Name of the Most High is to use His Name in vein or to not hallow His Name.

Granted, this custom is out of Jewish Traditions, but is still none-the-less deemed a worthy custom to uphold for the sake of reverence.