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OK, before you begin this read, please know that I love the righteous and hate wickedness, and I am really a pretty nice guy. Please do not be mad at me, and if you do get mad then remember those three fingers pointing your own way. Remember that I love you, and according to Matthew if I come to a brother one on one and he hears me then I have gained a brother. Thanks.

I wrote this thought I was having today and then read it again later and started to hate writing it. Not because of any truth that it may or may not contain, but because it seems so edgy and harsh. Then I came to the realization that if I changed anything in it, then it would not be my heart. I am moved so much by a need being filled, by a soul saved and coming to the L-rd after coming to themselves and repenting, and even little acts of kindness that mean so much. I see these things from the outside and my soul leaps and there are tears in my eyes. The problem is that I have a hard time showing it because my mind is not built that way. I am not that socially adept and I know it.

But, a major part of my passion is when I see things just plain wrong. And, believe me, I have a list. I see things in the church said wrong, done wrong, referenced wrong, and I wonder what these leaders are thinking. I want to yell at them and inquire why they know the truth and do not bring this out to their people. I wanted to know why my leaders of my youth may have even suspected the Hebraic roots of the faith and never taught me because they thought I may not have been "ready for it yet." I would have later loved to have returned to them to inform them that even Jewish youth were familiarized with Halakhah even before the age of bar mitzvah.

One pastor told me not long ago that they even had special instruction in their schooling about how to split up services to different times as a tactic to grow the church. Do you have any idea how I wanted to grab that man's throat and ask him what was more important to him between growing the church or living and teaching and keeping G-d's Torah? You remember that one right? The one that says remember the Sabbath Day (not Sunday) and KEEP it holy ("keep" in this sense being to regard, observe, worship, and act upon). The same one that is combined with coming together in holy convocation (or congregate) in the Tanakh or Old Testament. My question to him would be that if we are not supposed to have to do that any more, then why do we still teach the Ten Commandments (out of Exodus) and also teach out of James that we are saved by faith but that faith WITHOUT works is DEAD? I know, I know, we are not saved by works - I did not say that. But actions should follow faith and trust in HaShem as a show of change to the world. And if you fail, you keep trying. Should we continue to Sin - G-d Forbid. If it were not for the Law we would not know sin. But once we have mercy shown, we follow up with the admonishment to stop sinning. One not even making an effort to keep the Sabbath they know is true is not even trying, and that is my issue with them.

This is the Email about Sabbath that I really want to send pastors around the world. Of course, I will never reach every pastor. But think about it.... If you received an Email to this link, it is a rebuke for not bringing G-d's people back to Torah. And I can prove where that happens all over the New Testament. So if you are bringing that Old Testament is the old stuff argument, then just forget it because I have been fighting this corruption of my mind for two decades now. I did not understand the Christian meat that I had until I started filling it in with Jewish milk. THEN IT ALL MADE PERFECT SENSE!

So, for all you pastors out there, I just have a few major starting questions. And if you cannot get past these and repent, then maybe you should question how you are leading and what you are feeding to your people. Because all over the Brit Chadeshah or New Covenant I read how we are supposed to be able to Teshuvah HaTorah (return (to) the Mark or center-target).

These are some of the questions that I would have for you. Because I grew up with this and it was never defined properly to me or no one could ever tell me and then back it up with what I read in the Word.

  • What is Sabbath to you?
  • What is Sabbath in the Body?
  • What does the Word say is Sabbath?
  • Is the L-rd's Day supposed to be the New Sabbath?
  • Where did G-d Himself ever change Sabbath to another day?
  • And if you know the truths of scripture,
    1. why does the Body not follow the Word when it comes to the fourth commandment and
    2. why are you letting the world sway when you meet at all if we are commanded to come into a holy convocation on the Sabbath day that the L-rd has blessed?

WE who believe and have been called to teshuva haTorah, should be able to explain these things and buck up when we are wrong. We are supposed to be different, look different, and act different. And Yeshuah went into the masses to teach, but He never did, that I can see, forsake Shabbat because even He was in the synagogue as we read in the Word. How do you explain these things?

If you can come to terms with these and also decide to come to teshuvah haTorah, then please email a return so I know you are listening and let us come to the L-rd together. And please know that if I seem to come at you hard, well, I mean to because you are a leader and leaders are usually pretty thick because they have to lead. It is the same stiff-neck attitude that the Jews had to keep Eloy Torah entact for us today so we would even know what Messiah to preach. So count your lucky stars that someone cares this much for you, and I look forward to getting with you later to worship together.

P.S. If you are a pastor hired by a congregation, then I totally understand if I never hear from you again, because I am probably bucking your position or title or lifestyle or money or whatever. That is OK, I totally understand that you have to do the will of the people or you will loose your job. I really do not expect to hear from congregational hired pastors ever again because I know whom they usually follow. Fortunately, this is your problem and not mine, but I will keep you in prayer even if you are nameless to me. May HaShem have mercy on you as He does for us all.


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