Thirteen Attributes

The Thirteen Attributes or Essences of HaShem and His Divine Mercy

Ref. Exodus 34:6-7

  1. HaShem's compassion before man sins;
  2. HaShem's compassion after man has sinned (comp. R. H. 176);
  3. "El" - mighty in compassion to give all creatures according to their needs;
  4. "Rachum" (or Rahum, guttural 'h') - merciful, that mankind may not be distressed;
  5. "Chanun" (or Hanun, guttural 'h') - gracious if mankind is already distressed (or in distress);
  6. "Erek appayim" - slow to anger;
  7. "Rab Chesed" (or Rab Hesed, guttural 'h') - plenteous in mercy;
  8. "Emet" - truth;
  9. "Notzer Chesed LaAlafim - keeping mercy unto thousands (comp. the Explanation of Samuel B Meir in "Da'at Zekhenum," ad loc.);
  10. "Nose awon" (No'-se a'-won) - forgiving iniquity;
  11. "Nose pesha "(No'-se pe-sha') - forgiving transgression;
  12. "Nose Chata'ah" (No'-se ha-ta'-ah, guttural 'h') - forgiving sin;
  13. "Wenakeh" - and pardoning.