Lamed Messianic Studies

All the churches say that we are "not under the Law" so we have no need to follow the Law. The problem I have with that is: why then is it retaught from the Apostles? Oh, so they do not teach Torah Law and instead teach grace, huh? Well, indeed, they do teach Saved by Grace, but they also teach others to follow Torah Law as the outward sign and exemplification of Holiness to the people around them because the fulfilling part was the fulfillment of the punishment of being disobedient to the Law and not a doing away with Law. In fact, we are told that by us the Law is established. If you want proof of this, read on further.

In the interest to this end, instead of relying on what others told me the Word stated, I started my own log of what we were told to do and then went and found where it was originally taught in the first five books of Moishe. The following is what I found myself to be true. It is only my job to follow what I understand and that which the Ruach HaKodesh has allowed me to gain in Wisdom. It is not my job to prove to anyone the matters of anything, but only to serve as a witness. So in light of that witness, here is what I have witnessed in my own understanding of what the Word states. I urge you to read it for yourself and make your own determination about how the Word interprets itself. And you do not need me, but rather you only need the Ruach HaKodesh (Spirit of Separation Who is the Holy Spirit) to guide you.

For anyone that has not actually acknowledged what G-D's [1] Laws are, the following page has been provided.

This is a compilation of B'rit Chadashah verses that are literally a reteaching of Torah Laws or principles and where the correlating references are found in the Torah of the Tanakh. These are personal studies conducted by the Web Master in the extent of writing a scroll of the Laws for Himself. This has already been done in full and placed on index cards which are carried everywhere with him, and now in this forum are being found and retaught out of the Brit Chadashah.

Other books will be posted here as they are compiled for this purpose of exemplification.