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This week, the Torah Portion was Parashat Beha’alotcha which consisted of Numbers 8:1 through 12:16 and Haftarah Portion of Zechariah 2:14 through 4:7. While reading this, I started to meditate on Numbers 10:19 which talks about Tsurishaddai (or Zurishaddai) which was the father of one of the Hebrews called to take a census of the people, who’s name was Shelumiel.

When I looked up the names, here is what I found. Tsurishaddai means “My rock is The Almighty.” His son Shelumiel means “G-d’s peace (or my peace is G-d).” Now, I had always grown up with the idea that things known do not cause concern. The saying was basically this: “There is security in predictability.” Thinking about this lesson of youth, I realized that this father and son fit perfectly into it. Indeed, from the solid rock of the right foundation there is lasting peace.

There is a concept that goes even further than this idea. The father has a steadfastness in HaShem. The son is the resulting peace from that steadfastness. The son is called to take a census of the people whom HaShem calls His own. The resulting idea is that you cannot even be counted among the sons of peace unless you have a foundation in HaShem. That is deep.

Now I have a favorite idea on which to meditate for the rest of my life.

Tsurishaddai v’Shelumiel
My Rock is The Almighty
and my Peace is in HaShem.