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Marcus Denning,, 20160114-16:25GMT-06
When using Option: User List on Site.AuthUser

Also, if using this method, the default administrator name-id "admin" is not set when forcing Author Name with profile link in the EditForm template.
This is what I did in mine.
  • If using the following
    • In Site.EditForm to force signed-in ID Authorship
      $[Author]: [[Profiles/{$Author}]]
    • In SiteAdmin.AuthUser hard entered page edits for usernames and passwords to manage users
  • Include the following line to assign an Author Name to the default global admin id
    • if(($Author == '') || ($Author == 'Profiles')) { $Author = 'admin'; }
  • Insert the line AFTER the lines you have added in local/config.php
    • include_once("$FarmD/scripts/authuser.php");
      $Author = $AuthId; # after include_once()

Now when you log in as the global admin you will have admin for a username and can save and publish pages!

Logged under Subject: Addition of Fix for unassigned admin id on forced editform author names