Marcus Lee Denning
TNI TSO L1T3 ADSL Technician
Asst. Trainer and Mentor
MINT Author and Administrator
TechWiki Administrator

MLD At Truck
(Personal Site, Tracker Password Protected)

Mr. Denning is the House Of Denning Admin, creator, and presently the sole maintainer handing the installation, configuration, maintenance, and upgrades of this site. This project started in early 2001 with The SilverMouse Zone which was a learning site by which the implementation of this current site was the result as new things were learned.

JOB OBJECTIVE: To serve as a Computer Technical Liaison between technology support and users.
CAREER SUMMARY: Career has spanned 30 years from front line customer support to in-house MIS and Communications management. Cost savings have been realized in company settings saving man-hours and bottom line funding. Security and the safety of customer computing environments has been a staple of good solid customer-first oriented support. Dedication to well planned tasks and procedures is the key to cohesive efficiency. Current focus is PmWiki project implementation specialist.
EDUCATION: 2000, GPA:3.500, A.O.S. Electronics, SWSE Austin, TX
1992, GPA:3.253, A.A.S. Computer Science, TSTC Sweetwater, TX


Critical Skills in Hardware, Software, Programming, and Customer Support.

Server Operating Systems
Novell Network V3.11/3.15/4.01
UNIX Shell Scripting (Basic)
PC/Workstation OpSys
MS-Windows Vis/7/8 (32/64 Bit)
MS-Windows 2K/XP (Home/Pro)
MS-Windows 3.1(11)/95/98(SE)
MS-DOS 3.10-6.22
Languages (PC-Based)
Ashton-Tate dBase III-IV DBMS
Paradox v4.5 DBMS for DOS
FoxPro DBMS for DOS/Win
Turbo C/C++/COBOL/Pascal
MS-Macro Assembler (Introd.)
Languages (Web-Based)
Web Hosting Mgmt and Admin
XAMPP Portable Web Server

Business Applications
MS-Office Pro 97/XP
Open Office Suite
Lotus SmartSuite/Organizer
One-Step Tape Backup
Adobe Acrobat/PhotoShop
Visioneer PaperPort Advc.
Portable Applications
Browser Client Support:
MS-Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox/Plugins
SpaceTime-3D Browser
EMail Client Support:
Mozilla Thunderbird

PC Security Applications
LavaSoft Ad-Aware / Spybot SD
McAfee Online Virus Software
Norton Sec./Ghost/Util/SysWorks
Comp. Assoc. Int. Sec. Ste.
Zone Alarm / F-Secure / ClamWin
Keepass / Cryptainer / SilverKey
Other PC Support:
PC Hardware 8088-PIV
Wireless Router/Adapter
TCP/IP Configuration
Multimedia Hdwr/Sfwr
Iomega ZIP/TBU Systems
Scanner/Digi-Cam Hdwr/Sfwr
DSL HSI and Dial-Up Config.
RAID Config. and Maintenance
Technical Writing
Remote Support


  • Created and improved processes resulting in 80-160 Man-Hours of reduced work load and cost savings
  • Managed 30-member operator team while handling all office computer management
  • Created full PC Technical Laboratory for hardware repairs and deployments
  • Created standardized analytic troubleshooting methods and documents
  • Created MINT (Multiple ISP Note Tool) which was a DSL Technical Support Forum production environment web-based form for notes processing.
  • Created and currently administrate websites using Frames/iFrames/HTML/DHTML/CSS/JS/PHP/MySQL with built-in chat and Wiki-CMS environments including the following among others:
    Congregation Bat-Tzion / / /


  • Boy Scouts: OA-Brotherhood Member 1985, Chisholm Trail Council, Troop 142 - Sweetwater, TX.
  • Boy Scouts: Eagle Scout, 1987, Chisholm Trail Council, Troop 142 - Sweetwater, TX.
  • Religious: Volunteer, ZMJC-Austin, 2.5 Yrs, Audio-Visual Team Member, Team Leader.
  • Religious: Volunteer, ZMJC-Austin, 8.0 Mth, Introductory Hebrew Language Instructor.
  • Religious: Volunteer, NACC-Austin, 1.5 Yrs full time, Web Hosting Admin, Web Site Designer.
  • Religious: Volunteer, NACC-Austin, 1.0 Yrs full time, PC Technical Administrator.
  • Religious: Volunteer, NACC-Austin, 2.5 Yrs full time, Audio-Visual Team Leader.
  • Religious: Volunteer, NACC-Austin, 2.0 Yrs on-call, Heaven's Harvest Food Pantry Worker.
  • Religious: Volunteer, ALLC-Austin, 3.0 Mth full time, Food Pantry Worker.
  • Religious: Volunteer, CBT-The Woodlands, 2012-Present, A/V Team, Videographer/Producer.


TeleNetwork, Inc - Austin, TX 2007 2013
Level I DSL Technical Support Representative (TNI TSR L1T3 ADSL)
[TeleNetwork, Inc., Technical Support Representative, Level I Tier III for Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line]
Main Office Address: 350 Barnes Drive, Ste 105, San Marcos, TX 78666
Remote Support Agent from Texas home in Conroe to Office in Austin, June 2010 to present using VPN, VoIP, Online Tools.
Provided live telephone support to troubleshoot Internet connection issues for both DSL and Dial-Up Networks (DUN).
Utilized remote Internet access support using Go-To-Assist and Simple Help Live for live customer desktop remote support sessions. Supported Email and WebMail access and configurations, TCP/IP configurations, and Login support, Business DSL with Static IP support and configurations, port forwarding and firewall configurations, other basic settings.

  • Designed, developed, and implemented Internet call log entry form with HTML/CSS/JS/PHP coding to assist in DSL troubleshooting which automatically formatted log text with complete HTML mark-up or text-only clipboard output.
  • Served on Training Team as a Lead Mentor for new local and remote support personnel from 01/2009 to 06/2012.
  • Issued on-site technical repair orders for DSL High Speed Internet connectivity.
  • Initiated Take The Lead sales offerings and upgrades generated for Sales Team follow-ups.
  • Received documented recognition and appreciation calls from multiple customers.

Skrudland Photo Inc, dba - Austin, TX 2003 2004
Digital Graphics Technician
Former Address: Address: 5311 Fleming Ct, Austin, TX 78744
Handled digital graphic downloads and photograph reprints for incomplete photo orders. Personally and consistently developed or improved processes, increasing efficiency and time savings shown in the following:

  • Created photo remakes processing form-cards resulting in:
    1. Re-organized photo remake process by standardizing information flow between departments.
    2. Quicker matching of photo paper rolls from processing machines to incomplete orders.
    3. Faster turn-around time for priority orders, resulting in reduced customer service issues.
  • Saved 80-160 weekly man-hours on outdated equipment and a reduction of workforce by conferencing with a equipment sales contact for the CEO which resulted in recommended new equipment purchases.
  • Upgraded customer 5-inch greeting card orders pre-order processing to efficient and professional status.

Greater Austin Transportation Company Austin, TX 1997 2002
Management of Information Services / Communications Manager
Former Address: 10317 McKalla Pl, Austin, TX 78758

  • Managed 30-member operator team in Communications Department.
  • Administrated and utilized an ACD phone system on MITEL Computer Systems in Comm. Dept.
  • Maintained Multi-platform server operations, including a UNIX Master/Slave System, Novell Network, Multi-site Network Controller (MNC being a Tower Communications platform) in MIS.
  • Maintained and repaired office PC equipment, including cross-platform software/hardware in MIS
  • Supported MS-DOS 6.22, MS-Windows 95/98, WS_FTP, DDS Log-file tape operations, RACAL Voice Recorder system, 12-station UNIX dumb terminal array in MIS.
  • Dispatcher, Relief Dispatcher Interfaced with drivers and customers and 911/police/wrecker dispatch.
  • Super Operator, Inbound-calls Operator - Call handling for taxi service dispatch, basic Spanish calls, Capital Metro Special Transit Service (STS) clientele, broadcasting of traffic updates & other information.
  • Independent Contractor - Started work as an independent taxi driver leading into internal employment 2 years later. Great Customer Service skills exemplified by difficult/dangerous customer control practices.

NuStats International Austin, TX 1996 1997
Data Analyst / Database Programmer and MIS/Techlab Manager
Former Address: 4544 S Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX 78745

  • Created technical laboratory from scratch, facilitating faster standardized repair of office equipment.
  • Handled office PC repair and 20-member telephone survey team PC repair/maintenance.
  • Administrated Basic Novell Network tasks, utilizing Novell 3.11, upgraded to Novell 3.15.
  • Coded data processing programming using FoxPro, dBase IV, and Paradox.
  • Generated reports for surveys from state transportation systems.

Dell Computer Corporation Austin/Round Rock, TX 1993 1996
Customer Support Services Technician I

  • Created departmental standardized analytic troubleshooting methods and flowchart documents.
  • Served as computer systems front-line troubleshooter and a technical floor trainer.
  • Provided Customer Service, including customer order handling, order transits, service call scheduling, parts returns and short orders as well as cross-trained in telephone sales.
  • Utilized teamwork and organizational skills in the work place and in troubleshooting methodology.

Intermediate Work Austin, TX and Surrounding 1997 2007
Independent Computer Technical Field Contractor - K&J Consulting, APEX Systems

  • Acquired contract-work part time with K&J Consulting in Florida and APEX Systems in Houston to provide client support in computer repair, Xerox business/college contracts for solid ink and network printer installations, and basic to intermediate computer hardware and software troubleshooting and maintenance.



These websites also include company sites which will not be accessible without a vpn and proxy configuration but stand to exemplify the sites or projects for which Mr. Denning is responsible.

Biblical Web Sites of Interest are specific sites which serve as a foundational basis to the moral compass of the House of Denning.


  • Teaching
  • Web-oriented
    • Knowledge Bases
    • Web Hosting Administration
    • Web Coding and Development
  • Portable Applications
  • Computer Networking
  • Biblical Topics
    • Last Project:
      Exemplifying Messianic Diety
      using JW version of Biblical text
  • Woodworking
    • Last Project:
      Adjustable Weaving Loom
  • Wiki
    • Wiki Administration
    • Wiki Structure and Layout
    • Wiki Formatting
  • Web Coding
    • HTML 5.0 ((Advanced)
    • HTML 4.0 (Expert)
    • XHTML (Compliant)
    • CSS 3.0 (Intermediate)
    • CSS 2.0 (Advanced)
    • PHP 7.2 (Intermediate)
    • PHP 5.6 (Intermediate)
    • PHP 5.2 (Advanced)
    • MySQL (Intermediate)
    • Javascript (Intermediate)
    • XML (Basic)
  • Technologically Based Processes
    • Forms
    • Charts
    • Flowcharts
  • General Processes
    • Research
    • Information Organization
    • Process-oriented instruction