The House of Denning Web Log is the place to find all things Denning. Everything from new frontiers in investments to relationships to events and happenings will be listed here. In order to keep the doors of truthfulness open, there will even be a special grievances and annoyances forum just for those who want to air their doubts and complaints for others to see.

Also invited will be topics of religious and political discussions. Nothing will be off limits here save that which degrades or tears down others. The invitation is open to register and log things, comment on those things logged, and talk about anything you wish. The only rule is that if you would not want something said about you, then do not say it about others. In following that rule, the reason should follow. Come and let us reason together.

It would be helpful to make those issues which could start as comments to another entry but end up as a much bigger topic themselves to be put into their own blog entry or even full blown category. If there are any issues or topics on which you think may want feedback, we will also have a feedback category for questions and answers.

As always, you can reach the WebMaster at webmaster-@-houseofdenning-.-com (dashes added to prevent email harvesters, just take out the dashes).