Announcement 20070608

The following is the original announcement on the date posted when hopes were high and dreams were big. Contact with a list of over 60 Denning members across the country yielded no results and all were not interested in even talking to me. But be that as it may, I still have the gift of research and I hope the rest of the site informs you, lifts you, encourages you, and fills you with knowledge of our Judeo-Christian roots.

Original announcement

Obligations as of current may have been shifted. (The Email Address and maybe the pricing is still good.)


The House of Denning

[And please forward to other Denning clan as necessary.]

This is not a commercial site. This is a personal site in which the Austin, Texas, clan is calling you to be a part. It is a grass-roots effort and I have no assistance yet, but I found nothing like it out here and figured someone had to do something. Along the way, we hope to pick up other web-dennings and finance-dennings and all manner of other-dennings who are interested in their clan and want to assist the connectivity and information efforts. And let me just tell you up front that I really don’t know how big this thing is going to get or what we will do if it gets really big and the site does not have the man-power or support it needs. But I DO know that the Denning Clan is HUGE. And we should also be CONNECTED, POWERFUL, AND HELPING ONE ANOTHER for the sake of the family name and the family honor. Because, if you are like me, you also believe that family should look out for its own both whenever and wherever possible. OK, so I have now said my encouraging piece; let us continue.

Here is what you can currently do:

   1. Register to Chat with other clan members on the official Denning Site.
   2. Join the Web Log and become a contributor or editor. (Please)
   3. Use the Web Calendar for clan events or personal family group functions.
   4. Get an E-Mail Account with the clan domain name.
   5. And Most Important:
      We need all
          * family contributors,
          * researchers,
          * and family diggers
          * to register, get approved, and start adding information.


[This is not supposed to be an ad for E-Mail, I am just letting you know.] All other E-Mail Accounts range from $1.79 to $2.95 per month or $17.90 to $29.50 per year (pay for 10 months and get 2 free)

All other services are free of charge.

And, if you can, please (please) consider donating to the House Of Denning fund for domain and web hosting expenses. ( —> Pages —> HOD Donations PayPay SSL Encrypted Transactions)

Please help your clan by making your clan the best it can be. And be looking to the Blog often as this is where the most recent updates for HOD news, events, and happenings will occur from the Admin and from other Denning bloggers who sign up.

Any questions, just E-Mail -denning-@-house-of-denning-.-com. [Remove dashes] And remember, we are now at the very beginnings of The House Of Denning Foundation.

Thank you.