Longer Than Projected

It seems that no matter what is going on in our society, most of our life stress can be attributed to one thing:

"...and it took longer than I had projected to complete the modifications and updates."

Everyone wants more all the sooner and cheaper. No one has time to wait on the process. We need better and more efficient processes all the time. I am not saying that is necessarily a bad thing, mind you. But, what about being able to forget about the better, faster, cheaper, higher, more efficient, more economical, and "only we have it" attitude to just tell the truth.

Yea, this project you are on may take about 6 months or a year, and it may be a little expensive because we cannot foresee the future and tell you for certain that it will be the cheapest. But it will be right, solid, beneficial, and on time per the real projection we give you instead of any sort of false hope that we cannot live up to and which makes you believe that there may be other things that we blow all out of proportion.

Little belief creates bad business. I would rather have a little longer time and maybe even a little more cost, if the result was grand, dependable, rock solid, and reliable. I will also trust you more if you just tell me straight out that this may take a while to put together, but you would not want to lead me on. Believe me, I will respect you more for it and will tout your business as a business you can trust because they tell you things like they are even if it is not in their favor of expectation. Business have kept me a long time just by telling the truth and not some hype they cannot live up to fulfilling.

Just a thought over the over-competitive life we seem to have now days. I am sure it is not an old argument and will not be going away any time soon.

Site Admin July 01, 2012, at 01:19 AM EST SILVERMOUSE